Saturday, 28 June 2008

Canvassing in Cott.

The regional gang joined us locals for some serious campaigning today. People in Cottingham were very welcoming – as ever – and everyone we talked to was very interested.

It was great having Green Party perennial Clive Lord around. As a founder member, he’s done every Green by-election since the last glaciation and is staying ten days. He even brought his tent!

Leslie Rowe, fellow Euro-candidate, brought campaigners all the way from Richmond (N.Yorks) and we went door-knocking too.

Local secretary, Martin Deane, spotted David Davis (yet again, 'by coincidence' in a constituency of about 120 square miles), and tackled him on detention and his vote for war on Iraq. Davis said he was a Privy Councillor. So that’s alright then. (One million dead, 176 British troops, a country destroyed). Davis honestly held that the war was to bring liberation and democracy to Iraq. “It was about oil!” Martin came back, “It was planned. The Americans wanted Iraq from day one.”

We did agree though to debate the issues sometime, so look out for an official hustings.

And hurrah! People were telling us that they had our leaflet already. The remainder will arrive by Monday - in time for the postal votes.

Feel like helping? Come on up!


  1. Hey very best wishes Shan that's so brilliant you are standing - loads of love, dave PS anything i can do to help?


    Dave Hampton
    The Carbon Coach

  2. Iraq was about oil and I regret very deeply my decision to vote for it on the basis of deception by Tony Blair, whose war crimes trial awaits.

    Iraq was about controlling long-term Middle Eastern oil supplies, and Afghanistan was about controlling long-term Caspian Basin oil supplies. Both illegal invasions were enacted with peak oil in mind.

    David Davis voted for Iraq and so did I. The difference is that I regret it deeply and would vote against any further military action against Iran or North Korea. We have to produce a united front on the Left of British politics against militarisation and for proper solutions to the problems posed by peak oil and climate change.

    I wish you well in the campaign.

    Michael Meacher MP (Oldham and West Royton, and not a Privy Councillor)

  3. Hiya Shan and Martin

    Have just invited you both to Facebook. The Shan Facebook group now has 110 people and it would be good if you can write directly to us, should you get time of course in amongst putting together your majority on the ground in the constituency!



  4. Why civil liberties? Why not civil RIGHTS?

    Are our freedoms - whether of thought, expression or association - really 'liberties' granted to us, say, by some unelected monarch or some unelective dictator (Bliar, Brown) who has co-opted the monarch's prerogative powers, or are they not INALIENABLE RIGHTS?

    My RIGHT not to be spied on by this silly junta regime, or my RIGHT not to have my taxation robbed to fund nuclear weapons, are not liberties at all.,_Jr.

  5. Looks like Clive Lord has pioneered the famous 2008 Haltemprice and Howden Climate Camp...

  6. and get up to Yorkshire with a tent and campaign?

    Enough Facepalm already, Sellwood...

    The Coventry Greens

  7. We're really overwhelmed with gratitude for the support we are getting. Many thanks!!
    How to link up with us:

    Ring 01482 471463 (Martin Deane, Party Chair)
    or 01482 862085 (Shan)
    or 07785 572713 (Bill Rigby, agent)

    The constituency is 25 miles long and 15 miles wide -although 80% of the voters live within 15 minutes bike ride from Cottingham rail station.

    Liaise with Bill, and we will always be able to sort out some involvement to suit your strengths

  8. I really really don't want to use this blog in some sort of private argument, but the person who keeps 'calling me out' is really really getting on my nerves.

    Please stop it. I started a new job last week. I cannot drop that and come and live in a tent for the next two weeks.

    If whoever keeps taking the **** would like to get in touch and talk about the (literally) thousands of unpaid hours I have put in for the Green Party over the last eight years, then I would be happy to fill them in.

    But please stop targetting me personally on a blog that should be about Shan and her campaign.



  9. It's precisely because of all your unpaid hours that we want you up in Haltemprice Matt! Would Spain put out a team without Torres today???

    If two weeks is no good, how about a weekend in a tent? Or a Holiday Inn?

    A Sellwood weekend is worth 1,000 times the average activist's two weeks!!!

    Go Matt!!!

    Manchester Greens

  10. Hi Shan and the team,

    Well done on everything you're doing!

    I'm very impressed with the way you're standing on radical principles and confronting Davis! My take on it here -

    I will keep trying to get people to donate and help, although I am starting a new job with weekend training so I might not be able to make it myself!


  11. Great stuff. Good to see a Green is about to be elected. About time too.

    Just a quick campaign idea: how about chalking "Vote Green" and other more imaginative slogans on the streets? I don't know the law on chalking, but since the rain washes the work away, how can it be more illegal than, say, invading Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and Sierra Leone?

    Some examples of chalking:

    - A Bristolian

  12. PRESSURISE Tony Benn into pulling out of his support for capital punishment-loving, 28 day Habeas Corpus-suspending former Member of Parliament David Davis:


    Lots of love to Shan

    From Ray Publick

  13. Serena Williams: "How to Win":

    Serena Williams: "I always have to use the same dressing area, toilets"

  14. Michael Meacher - if that is you - thanks so much for your support!