Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Green challenger achieves 25% in Beverley by-election

Charlie Jones-Lewis

St Mary's Ward West, Parish, By-election, East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

A great many thanks to everyone for the substantial Green vote on July 30th. We scored just under 25% and came a good second to the Conservatives. There was a 24% turnout, so-so for a ward by-election, and all the results were as folows:

CON - 331 - 41%
GRE - 199 - 25%
IND - 144 - 18%
LD - 128 - 16%

With best wishes,
Charlie Jones-Lewis

Tremendously well done Charlie!
We look forward to more scores like that across the country!

Avaaz Action Factories

It costs just $50 per day ($5 per hour) to support one climate activist to passionately organize stunts, phone calls, press visits and other actions to convey all our voices where it matters most. Keep the action factories going until the December summit.

A new El NiƱo has begun.

It may make 2010 one of the hottest years on record. (independent.co.uk)

Petition to honour Alan Turing
Top WW2 scientist who was persecuted for being gay.

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