Saturday, 31 October 2009

Deane: Alan Johnson out of order making cannabis Class B

"The Labour Party - in its death throes - is thrashing around for what remains of the right-wing vote by reclassifying cannabis as Class B", says Martin Deane of Hull Green Party, speaking on the recent government sacking of drugs adviser Prof. Nutt.

"Instead of sacking his adviser, the Home Secretary should be using the Professor's scientific advice. Professor Nutt should be reinstated immediately."

"Instead of becoming even more right wing, Labour should be adopting radical and progressive views such as those of the Green Party - views supported by the vast majority of the public as well as by science.

"Like the attrition against asylum seekers - which pretends to be tackling immigration - Alan Johnson is out of order demonising cannabis and pretending government is really concerned about the toll that drugs take on Britain.

"Cannabis is being made Class B by a Class D government. This was a decision out of pure political expediency."

Martin Deane


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  1. Cannabis should be made a Class D drug (and legally regulated)

    The model, already signed of by the Gov. General is now law in New Zealand. The right to sell, trade, advertise (with restrictions) etc. recreational psychactive 'soft' drugs, creates the crucial adjustement adding a fourth schedule to the UN compliant, NZ Misuse of Drugs Act (1975). The legislation's explainatory note demonstrates that this can be a simple and rational mechanism using existing commercial and legal recourses to manage the merchandising and quality control of soft drugs. The entire document is 5 pages of pdf. Page one is the bullet points index, and the last page a few paragraphs that clarify the law's intent (including crucially, that the administration is a matter for the Ministry of Health, not Justice, Police, Corrections, Customs, BioSecurity yadda yadaa..)

    see Misuse of Drugs (Restricted Substances) Regulations 2008 (SR 2008/373)

    at web address:

    Has anyone noticed? Just goes to show how right Danny Kushlick (Transform) was in argueing how boring good policy is? These regs have been law for a year....