Friday, 30 October 2009

Joint Statement from UNA Climate Day

Our Joint Statement from the UNA Climate Day at Hull Guildhall, Oct 24th.

We each accept responsibility to constantly challenge instances of global injustice, exploitation and oppression, through

1. Informing and challenging ourselves

2. Informing and challenging others, and

3. Reducing our impact on

Our local environment

The global environment

Future generations

Afghan girls burn themselves to escape marriage... In the first seven months of this year, medical staff at the Herat’s burns unit – the only one of its kind in the entire country – said they have seen 51 cases of female self-immolation. Only 13 have survived. (

The removal of the Kucinich amendment constitutes yet another capitulation to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries who are already reaping billions of dollars from the bill." (

"Obama is better at just about every act of presidenting than Bush was, more graceful, more self-aware. But progressives don't want him to just make Bush policies succeed -- we want new policies." (

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