Thursday, 29 October 2009

Letter to the Inde: No flap over Sharia Law demo?

Dear Sir,

Whilst considerable heat has been released into the intellectual stratosphere following the appearance of Nick Griffin on BBC television's Question Time, I do not seem to have noticed any protest about the public platform afforded to those Muslims who demonstrated today in order to demand that Shari'a law beinstituted in the U.K.- a law which, according to reports, would insist that all British women wear the burqa, and which would stone to death those involved in non-marital sexual activity.

Moderate Muslims do not promote these aspects of Islam, but I fear that the advocation of stoning, at least, can be found in the Q'ran. (Forgive me if I am wrong.) Whatever the truth of the matter, such views are as abhorrent to me, as a free UK woman, as the views of the BNP, but I do not hear the flapping in the left wing chicken coop. Naturally, people will say that there is no chance at all of Shari'a Law taking over Britain, and that is undoubtedly the case but the expression of such attitudes should surely produce some comment at least. Or are we too polite, too afraid of causing offence to one group of extremists yet descending like a pack on another?

Yours faithfully,

Susan Harr, Hull


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