Thursday, 12 November 2009

Odds are you didn't have flu or swine flu!

Interesting Brasscheck replay of a few (US) news reports - saying actual analyses of cases shows extremely few of those cases thought to be swine flu by doctors, actually were.

In other words Obama's declaration of a national emergency was not warranted. Meanwhile, Brown has spent over £500 million (the exact figure not released!) on Baxter's and GSK's vaccine for this "pandemic". The debate about the nature of H1N1 DNA still remains -see Swine Flu Virus Created from Pig Vaccine? - All this, along with Baxter's delivery in March of an incredible 72 kilos of vaccine contaminated with (deadly) live bird flu virus (difficult to catch but 70% fatal!) to labs in Europe for use on people. The entire episode stinks. We've been played by the pharmaceutical industry. - md

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