Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The problems with Ed’s Energy plans

Labour plans to build a number of nuclear reactors around Britain. Martin Deane, of Hull and East Riding Green Party, responds:

“With serious, nationwide, energy conservation we could really cut our fuel consumption and our fuel bills. With real investment in green energy – that’s all sorts of renewables - we could create jobs and renew manufacturing. That's the Green Party's New Deal.

“It’s actually energy conservation – not nuclear power - that’s the top priority for Britain now. If we all use less – by good insulation, high standards in low power goods, the less it will cost us and the less we’ll have to make.

“Now, when it comes to making it, all the major sources have major drawbacks. Nuclear power is not immune. But renewables, especially wind, has a number of plusses which this government is about to ignore, bigtime."

Martin Deane highlights the following problems with the government's nuclear policy:
  • What about pollution costs? The pollution from nuclear reactors can’t all be dumped on countries we don’t like, as depleted uranium. There are also CO2 costs all along the building of hi-tech nuclear plants
  • Where is our energy security? Britain is almost wholly dependent on foreign resources for power – oil, gas, coal, uranium.
  • Nuclear power gets many subsidies and incentives. Where are the incentives for wind power? – Vestas moved to America!
  • Labour is friends with big business – nuclear is definitely that. - It even has its own armed police force, costing £57 million a year.
  • The huge hidden costs could mean the destruction of the Kalahari environment and millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions a year (Observer)
  • The plans are huge, expensive and hi-tech, needing huge areas of uranium mining – when half the usable world’s uranium could already be gone.
  • And the Tories will do much the same.

“It’s no secret that Labour is friends with big business – and nuclear power is big business. Increasing control and ownership of all this energy production will go to largely foreign businesses. Haven't we seen enough energy price rises? And where’s our input? With present Labour policy it will be lucky if Parliament gets a say, let alone you or me.”

“There are alternatives to nuclear power - and which are non polluting - and which have a very low emissions footprint - and whose technology is relatively simple - and the energy is naturally renewable! Look at what Green councilllors have achieved in Huddersfield: created hundreds of jobs through energy conservation and renewables, saved ordinary people over £5 million on fuel bills, and lowered emissions. Who in Hull wouldn't want that?"


Martin Deane

Hull & East Riding Green Party

Radioactive waste to be put in £18bn hole - Times Online

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