Thursday, 24 December 2009

Justice for Jane, sacked after 31 years.

PCS has launched a campaign to defend a rep sacked from her job at Land Registry in Weymouth. Jane Brooke's only offence appears to have been to make an industrial injury complaint against her employers.

Surveillance was conducted on six members of staff at the Weymouth Office in breach of both the Data Protection and Human Rights Acts. The Land Registry pursued this seemingly dubious investigation, conducted a hearing in breach of its own procedures and then acted as both prosecutor and judge.

As a result of this process Jane was summarily dismissed. She was given five minutes to collect her personal effects, while a senior member of staff stood guard. Having worked in the same office for 31 years with an unblemished record, this is absolutely devastating for both Jane and her colleagues.

Her union, PCS, are building the campaign to defend Jane and demand her re-instatement.

Messages of support should be sent to Jane via

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