Thursday, 10 December 2009

"We're one less campaigner now."

Many people have heard by now of the tragic death of Ray Jessop on Monday in a fall while at work.
Ray ran the Animal Rights stall at Hull Green Fair and at Beverley Green Fair. Ray delighted in hippiedom and loved his music, his reggae, and ska, and dancing at Payback at the Adelphi. We remember his long black hair, his piercings, his oversize inserted earring, his strange choice of drinks, his easy humour, his enjoyment of green festivals, his love of going out with his mates, sometimes turning up for nights out in a dress!
Ray was also my only company, sometimes, on trips up to Menwith Hill - to support CAAB's efforts to get rid of the leading American spybase there. He was always delightfully suspicious of coppers and many of the powers that be.
Ray was a pagan, and had he lived in the country rather than off Anlaby Road, would have been as at one with nature as he was at one having a drink down at Pave. Ray was a regular supporter of our Hull Palestine Solidarity group and at the protests in Hull at the start of last year.
Ray lived out his values, was not only a vegetarian but a vegan, and committed to a number of causes. He had a zest for life, both for getting much enjoyment from it and doing his bit to help protect other beings whether human victims of war or whether animal vicitms of abuse. He will be sadly missed.
We're one less campaigner now.
Martin Deane, Hull Greens

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  1. Ray will be remembered with great affection by many people, particularly as the champion of animal rights in our area. He practised what he preached and was a stalwart campaigner, turning up unfailingly for rallies, bringing his stall to events and complaining if meat was on the menu. He was a person who made others think about their actions because of the example he set, and we will all miss him very much indeed.