Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dear Students, it's nice to have you back!

If there's a lesson in life we should all learn it's that students must never break windows unless they're members of the Bullingdon Club...

Typical of state propaganda to focus on broken windows instead of a government breaking the education system.

I was at Millbank yesterday. It was London's biggest student protest for years and there was a fine showing from 25-50,000 students AND lecturers on the march. Compared to the importance of this major attack on university education, the spot of trouble there was is being over-reported. Typical of state propaganda to focus on broken windows instead of government breaking the education system. I was at Millbank for a considerable time. There were a few hundred students and others there and some of the number were angry and determined. There were indeed a few broken windows. There appear to have been pockets of aggression at the front near the police - and riot police - and an attempt to occupy the building. I didn't see the fire extinguisher that apparently was thrown - but then neither did it hit anyone. I'm also aware that the police could have escalated it and, this time, didn't. As one student interviewed there said: "This is scary - but not as scary as what's happening to our future."

"Nick Clegg, shame on you! Shame on you for turning blue!"

The single most frightening event was when riot police suddenly formed up in front of the main entrance. This panicked a lot of people who feared the worst, turned and ran. But it detracts from the importance of the much larger demonstration to focus on a few broken windows, or a few tussles with police on the part of a few who don't represent the vast majority. This part of the demo wasn't entirely peaceful but there was no riot to speak of. I hear a few people were taken to hospital. I don't know what for. The only person I saw being attended to was a girl a couple of hundred yards away who seemed to be suffering from cold or something when I passed her.

The state monopoly on violence will mean thousands more die this winter through not getting the care they need.

I'm also sure what violence there was was condemned by the NUS itself. But let's just remember that in our 21st century Britain it's the state itself that claims the monopoly on violence, and does violence to society again and again with its postcode lotteries for health, its attacks on benefits and pensions with a cold winter approaching, with this major attack on university education with 100s of percents hikes in fees to see students facing future bills the size of mortgages, and, especially, with November 20th's Time To Leave Afghanistan march approaching, a state which has no qualms exporting the most serious violence abroad with no remorse even to wars built on lies.

So well done to all concerned yesterday. And , dear students, it's nice to have you back!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Student debt debate

Student debt debate

This new regime proposed by the Con Dems, puts UK education amongst the most expensive in the world whereas the Green Party wants to see education free including at university level, and to fund it by tax changes for those on 100k and over, among other changes.
At least £20K for fees over 3 years, plus a similar amount for accommodation and living expenses, will be hanging over most graduates for a good deal of their working lives, and may have to be paid back at the rate of £2,000 plus over 30 years - much like a mortgage. Many young people would feel intimidated by this prospect and the total number of students is likely to fall. If a graduate who was in employment later lost his/her job, the debt would remain on the books and actually increase as there is an interest charge, so that if the graduate returns to employment in a job earning more than £21,000 pa, s/ he will stand to pay back the added charge in the long run.
The position of the very poorest students was better covered, but the implication for those just above the bread line would be serious . Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have made the economic argument that these changes are necessary and "progressive", but the changes are going to hurt and there will be political repercussions, if not on the scale of the derided poll tax, but widely and permanently. The shift from state responsibility for the costs of higher education on to the shoulders of the individual is going to be profound. with thanks for commentary from Peter Reeve.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hull Greens join Anti-Cuts Rally

Last Wednesday’s announcement of major cuts costing half a million public sector jobs was pre-empted at noon by a rally in Hull of unionists, workers and activists.

Martin Deane, Chair of Hull and East Riding Green Party, says,

“People are completely fed up with this ConDem government, after only 5 months in power.

“We are disgusted by the cuts - the huge job losses, the attack on the public sector, on students and tuition fees - on top of the previous bailouts to the banks and the refusal to tax the wealthy in this country in an appropriate way.

On Thursday there were about 70 people gathered at the Guildhall to lobby the council to protect jobs in the city. A dozen Hull unions were represented.

“George Osborne has promised half a million people in the public sector will be put out of work. With the knock-on effect this will have in the private sector, this could be the budget that destroyed a million jobs.

“This budget is socially devastating and economically illiterate - this will probably increase the deficit as we throw people out of work, pay their benefits, pay their redundancies and so on.

“There is a better way! Why not look at tackling tax evasion and tax avoidance? There are billions of pounds lost through that every single year. Why not look at National Insurance? Changes here could raise many billions with very little pain.

“Find money like that and actually invest it in jobs. The way out of this deficit is through jobs.”

Workers, unionists and campaigners will be protesting in cities around the region tomorrow (23 Oct). A major demonstration will be held in Sheffield city centre at noon.

The next Hull demonstration will be by the National Union of Students (NUS) on Wednesday 3rd November, at noon in Queen Victoria Square.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

More pics, Hull Against the Cuts

Hull Against the Cuts Protest

Stop the Cuts!

The Conservatives plan to callously cut to the bone the UK’s vital social infrastructure. Once again - we’re being told – by Tories – that There is No Alternative.

Cameron, Clegg and Osborne are wedded to the ideological choice of devastating cuts – but they helped bail out their banker friends and their fellow millionaires - and they fail to look at much better alternatives.

Cameron says he wished “there was another way... an easier way” but that “there is no other responsible way.”

But we say: “There is an easier way - and a better way – and a way that will avoid hurting millions of innocent bystanders through your savage cuts: - Increase taxes on the highest incomes - Scrap expensive and irrelevant projects like Trident - Transfer money from roadbuilding to public transport – And get tough on tax avoidance and tax evasion!

If you do this - you could then SPEND money on a major public investment programme that would CREATE 100s of 1000s of jobs –not destroy them - and transform the economy to help tackle energy consumption, tackle carbon emissions and tackle rising energy costs.

But instead – they will create a wasteland and call it peace... If we let them!

The Tories accused Labour of being in denial about the debt they caused - but let’s look at Tory denials:-

- Tories talk about how irresponsible it would be to leave our children to pay our debts – but that’s exactly what the next generation will pay for - paying for the continual using up of ever-decreasing resources – paying for wars for oil – paying for aircraft carriers to project UK power – even with no planes to fly from them!!!

- Helping pay bailouts to bankers while half a million workers lose their jobs.

Listening to Osborne and Cameron, you’d think the only drain on the country was workers! The firemen, the nurses, the teachers, the benefits staff – the workers who keep this country going, workers who give this society REAL VALUE in most people’s eyes - and not just measured in pound signs!

Tories say the NHS is ‘protected’ - but in fact it’s still under threat of privatisation! NHS staff have already got their “Frontline” campaign to save jobs up and running right now. They say,“We’re all frontline!” – so don’t cut ANY of our jobs!

Tories talk about more university and apprenticeship places - but we’re now expecting tuition costs to soar and we will see education become the haves versus the have-nots. This is totally unacceptable in 21st century Britain!

Tories say they will give people, power, such as to choose what school their kids will go to. But the issue isn’t choice! It’s making sure every child has a place at a good local school.

Tories attack treating heroin addiction on the NHS – but we could cut crime significantly if we STOP treating heroin addiction as a CRIMINAL problem and treat it properly as a MEDICAL problem.

Tories say those on higher incomes must contribute more - but their changes to child benefit do so in a way that is clearly unfair.

Tories want us to have ‘elected police commissioners you can elect and kick out’ – basically, this means making the UK more like the USA. But who on earth would want to follow America’s appalling record of imprisoning a full one per cent of its population?

These cuts are ideological. They are an attack on ordinary people everywhere. They follow an agenda of enriching the rich at everyone else's expense. And so we will fight them.

This is Thatcher Part Two. And we are the resistance!

Stop the cuts!

- There will be a demonstration in Sheffield for noon on Saturday, 23rd October. If interested in travelling from Hull contact 471467.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Connaught workers - Bring them back in!

Martin Deane of Hull area Green Party joined the protest last week of Connaught workers and their unions.

Their jobs have gone.

As they were all employed working for Hull, will the council now directly employ them - as they did before - and as other councils around the country are now doing?

Happily, a recent meeting did report that the 200 Connaught workers had been paid every penny of the month's wages owed to them. I'm led to believe that the Council will do the right thing and take them back in... Understandably the workers and their representatives will believe it when the contracts are in their hands.

This happened recently in Leeds.

All across the country ordinary working people like ours are having to take action like this to save their jobs in the face of the cuts being pursued by the Con-Dem coalition. Just like bailing out the banks was much more ideological than it made economic sense. Now those same bankers are back to their million pound bonuses. It's obscene. The Green Party has always fought the ideas behind these cuts - they are unnecessary. They are ideological.

This is Thatcher 2.0.

And this is the fight back.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ground the Drones!

The recent Hull meeting on the use of drones in warfare was in-depth. Drones are horrendous killing machines being used by the coalition to deal death from the air, often from so far away that they can't be seen.

Chris Cole of national CAAT led the input. The USAF has 116 Predators and 28 Reapers. Each Reaper costs $11 million, has a $1m camera and is as dangerous as a fighter jet - it can drop 500lb laser guided bombs. The Predator can fly 2 miles high - and for 24 hours at a time.

Drones have a huge capability and are changing the face of war. But what if you target the wrong people? "We have the resources to make sure we're right!" comes the reply from the military spokesman.

In the peace movement, we get information of their usage in Pakistan but we get nothing from the media on their use in Afghanistan. It's the wrong story.

Meanwhile the CIA is hard at work in Pakistan making plans "to do bad things to bad people". But drones aren't THAT effective. The reaction from those targeted has come in terms of suicide bombing and revenge attacks, a tradition among the tribes of the region. Drone attacks have led to decreased security and to threats such as the Time Square bomb, an act of revenge for a drone strike.

The use of drones, their remote control and targeting, usually from thousands of miles away, has led Philip Alston of the UN to call it a "PlayStation Mentality", where you pay little or no attention to the "enemy" you've just "neutralised". In one recent attack there were a number of children and civilians in a convoy. The drone operators played this down; the controllers were merely reprimanded.

Some drones can be flown 24 hours a day, so their operators are constantly looking for targets. Furthermore, there is evidence of their use in assassinations, something America has vowed not to do.

The use of drones has become SOP, Standard Operating Procedure. The CIA has its own fleet of Reapers and Predators which are based in Afghanistan. The Blackwater company (now "Xe") operate these drones, a privatised death from the sky. Under American law it is unlawful to assassinate, even moreso in Pakistan where there is not even a declared war. The operation, they say, falls into an "accountability void". This broadening out of their usage may have already become indiscriminate.

Martin Deane for Hull CAAT

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Afghans are fighting for their own country.

How long before we learn the lesson of Afghanistan?

The recent troop rotation between British and American forces was agreed some months ago. e UK troops were dying at a significantly higher rate than US troops, so now it's the US troops' turn to pay the "blood price", as Blair called it.

Vital statistics

The vital statistics of Afghanistan after 9 years of British involvement, go like this -
Worst infant mortality in the world: Afghanistan
Worst life expectancy in the world: Afghanistan
For those of you conned that we're trying to do some good - It's not working!

We're the enemy!

The greatest single unifying force in Afghanistan, isn't the government, isn't the media, isn't X-Factor, Kabul! - it's the presence of foreign troops on their soil! We are THE enemy. The people know that they have fought off the Russians, 300,000 of them. They know foreign invaders have never held their country. Now for years ordinary people across Afghanistan have been taking up arms against us - or planting bombs - or even joined the ANA and passing weapons to the Resistance, which we almost always call the Taliban, just to keep things simple.

Doubling the UK deaths

It's no surprise then that after record violence this year there has been a massive drop in the repatriation of refugees back into Afghanistan.

The Dead UK forces in Afghanistan now stand at 337. Another 21 deaths and we will have lost TWICE the number that Britain lost in Iraq.

We MUST leave!

Yes - if we leave there's likely to be further violence. But eventually even America will leave - like Russia's 300,000 troops did before it - and like the British Empire did before that! AND at least it won't be our families killing - or dying - or, mark my words, taking their own lives later at home.

And finally, whether we're there or not, the Afghans are fighting for their own country.

Friday, 28 May 2010

We must demand proportional representation

We have had many queries since the election, asking why the Greens didn’t do better at a time when most people are now aware of the very real issues which only the Green Party has been seriously addressing - for more than 35 years!

It became quite clear as we approached polling day that people were going to vote tactically. Many people said to us, apologetically, that although they wanted to vote Green, they would in fact be voting Lib Dem or Labour because they wanted rid of the Tories and they wanted proportional representation. Even the far right wing parties did better than the Greens because those voters are typically less reflective and so tend not to vote tactically.

Knowing that we could not win this time in this very conservative area, a lot of the energies of the local party were focussed on supporting the Greens' campaign in Brighton Pavilion – where, at 6am on May 7th, Caroline Lucas was elected Britain's first Green MP . She is the first Green MP worldwide to have been elected under a first-past-the-post system: a spectacular achievement. There are of course, many Greens in government in other countries, as well as in the European Parliament. In the UK, Greens are in the Scottish Parliament, London Assembly, on many councils – and, at last, in Westminster!

So thank you to all those who voted for a fairer world (whichever box you put your cross in). The next job for us all is to push for a fairer electoral system which will make every vote count, so that people can vote from the heart, and the real issues can come to the fore and be addressed in the interests of people and planet instead of in the interests of corporations and the very rich.

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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

poster parade 4

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A Reminder

A pleasant day in Swanland - this poster is close to the polling station.

Bank Holiday - campaigning in Beverley

The other placard messages were: 'Cut pay to fat cats not jobs in public services - all Tories out.'
and 'ERYC leads where Cameron will follow' (referring to the grotesque discretionary early retirement pension fund payment for a senior officer of East Riding of Yorks Council)
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Saturday, 1 May 2010

David Davis refuses to join debate - again!

The article below by Jonathan Reed appeared in The Yorkshire Post on 27 April 2010:

'Call for apology follows market confrontation

A ROW has broken out between a clergyman and former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis after a confrontation at a market place.

Father Oliver Coss has called for an apology after a confrontation with Mr Davis in Cottingham market as he tried to persuade him to take part in a hustings event he was organising.

But Mr Davis, who is campaigning to regain his Haltemprice and Howden seat, insists that during the exchange he was "firm but polite" and dismissed the incident as a "storm in a teacup".

Mr Coss, assistant curate of St Mary's Church, Cottingham, approached Mr Davis at the market along with Father Paul Smith, the Rector, after being told the politician was unable to attend Sunday's event, and said they were "astonished" by his response.

Mr Coss, who said he was a Tory voter but would be rethinking, said the meeting turned into "a deeply confrontational episode in front of our parishioners".

Now Mr Coss has written about it on social networking site Facebook where he said: "I want nothing more than an apology and this hustings to take place without any further unpleasantness".

But Mr Davis denied allegations he was rude. He said he already had campaign commitments when he received a written invitation the day before the encounter, and said a call received by a secretary several days earlier had not been passed on to him.

"I had no intention to be rude to anyone," he said.'

This has become a pattern. In the 2008 byelection the Tory campaign team used the same excuse (communications mix-up) to explain Mr Davis's refusal to engage with me on the civil liberties issue. What is he worried about?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

domestic solar energy

Today's report in the Independent concurs with our experience of getting a solar hot water system installed about 6 years ago now by Smart Energy UK. Although their own assessor said our house needed 2 panels facing in 2 directions to make the most of the sun, the SE installers turned up and installed only one panel. This has meant we lose the sun too early in the day to heat the water for the morning. We have complained several times but have never managed to get the firm to do anything about it. As with so many other issues, there needs to be regulatory bodies (as there are with tourism for example) to safeguard the public from cowboy operators who are not interested in follow-up.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday in Beverley - vote for your kids

Took leaflets and placards into Beverley. Sunny, busy. People walking past trying not to make eye contact. Feeling rather disconsolate - when a wonderful thing happened: 2 girls aged about 13 came up and asked what I was doing. I explained. One said 'Why are you dressed like that? It's weird' (boots, skirt, Green Party tabard, rosette and straw hat). The other said, 'That's rude', and I said, 'It's to attract attention.' Then they offered to take some leaflets to give out!! They did this for several hours, parading the placard up and down the crowded street....and they want to do it next saturday as well!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

robin looks suspicious

thought you might like another shot

It don't mean a thing if it aint got that Green swing

We moved down Toll Gavel and found some live jazz - The Black Cat Swing Club - perfect. What we need is a big Green swing! Spoke with people from all around the East Riding and Hull - and further afield.

On the stump - Saturday Market

Great day today - Beverley, Saturday Market, Butter Cross. We thought how little this spot is used when it could be a wonderful stage for street theatre etc. Just shows how much our community needs enlivening. More trading of locally grown food needed too.

'leader' debate

The debate last thursday was a good thing if it helped increase interest in politics. Nick Clegg came out marginally better than the others, BUT, if the Green leader, Caroline Lucas, had been on stage she would have outshone them all. Clegg said he would do things differently – BUT, how differently? All three still cling to the idea of economic ‘growth’. The Greens know that we have to change our ideas fundamentally if we are to climb out of recession without massive job losses and/or more damage to the environment. It was Caroline who came up with the term Green New Deal which the old parties have now adopted, but - the Greens’ policies actually hang together. ALL the old parties forget that the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment. We forget this at our peril. We can’t continue with infinite growth on a finite planet.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Shan Oakes: What is Politics?

Hull and East Riding Launch

What is politics? Is it about letting vested interests have it all their own way or is it about striving for fairness?

And what's fairness? Is it about everyone getting the same or is it about promoting the common good so that everyone benefits?

The Greens would say that politics should be about promoting fairness and the good of all.... and that can't be done by just a bit of fiddling. At this point in history it needs a real shift in thinking. We can't any longer let the banks and corporations get away with murder. We can't any longer sit and watch the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We cant keep making and selling weapons and waging war, and we cant any longer keep exporting and importing jobs and food. We can't keep building more roads and runways. We have to move away from oil-dependent farming and factory fishing - catching every last fish... Look at the state of the bees and the seas.

Instead we must bring the people back into politics. Banks and business must not be allowed to exploit people and the environment. Community must be able to flourish and support individuals. Technology must be the servant of wholesome needs such as renewable energy. People need satisfying jobs - and this country desperately needs skilled people to improve our decrepit housing stock - and to work in farming- working with nature instead of against it – growing healthy seasonal food for the local market.. We need better public transport and public services (health, care and education) . People need a living wage and decent pensions.

It's this joined-up fairness that the Greens fight for.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Martin Deane - Green Party for North Hull

Coming Up - April 2010


THU 29 APR - Hull University hustings, 6pm, with Hull North candidates.

THU 29 APR - 2pm Age Concern hustings, Hodgsons, Beverley, with Beverley candidates.

MON 26 APR - Beverley Minster hustings 7.30pm, with Beverley candidates.

SUN 25 APR - 7.30pm, Hull North hustings - Cottingham Road, Baptist Church (corner of Chants. Ave). With the Hull North candidates.

THU 22 APR - York, Green regional launch with Martin Deane, Shan Oakes, Bill Rigby....
- Green Party Naff Do, Kings Head, Nafferton 7.30pm, with food. An enjoyable night out.

TUE 20 APR - 9-10am BBC Radio Humberside, Hull North candidates' debate
- last day for voter registration forms.

SAT 17 APR - MAMMOTH Jumble Sale, 12.30-2.30 Spring Bank Community Centre. Come and support! Grab a bargain!

Bill Rigby explains what we should do over windfarms

Thursday, 1 April 2010


A few words on hunting: We walked up to see the Holderness Hunt meeting on Beverley Westwood last Boxing Day. You might assume the Greens are opposed to hunting and you would be right that we are against hunting with dogs for sport. On the other hand, we are happy to see the vestiges of an ancient tradition in the form of horses, people and hounds getting some exercise - but without killing foxes - as was the case on Westwood on Boxing Day. If foxes need controlling there are more humane ways to do that than using packs of dogs to tear them apart.

The Tory MP, Graham Stuart, on the other hand, said that if the Tories get into government at the coming election, he hopes the anti-hunting law will be repealed - so that this bloodthirsty 'sport' can resume. Mr Stuart spoke of retaining the 'freedom' to indulge in hunting foxes. The Greens' view is that we certainly want to retain our freedoms, but that archaic customs such as hunting and killing animals with dogs should no longer be seen as acceptable behaviour. Barbarity towards animals supports and encourages barbarity towards human beings.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Early spring in Howden (and Hornsea)

On the train on the way back to Beverley from a meeting in Leeds last tuesday, I felt impulsive - must have been the weak spring sunshine - and jumped off at Howden. Howden station is perhaps a mile from town so I had a good walk to start with - and noticed the ditch between the path and the fields. It looked lifeless - at a time when other still water is surging with frogs. Is it full of chemicals due to our current intensive agricultural methods? Can anyone tell me?

Nearing town, the first thing I noticed was the huge carpark in a field. I later discovered it's for the Press Association. As its quite a step back to the station, I decided I'd better first find out train times and was told Shire Hall was my best bet for tourist information - but - Shire Hall is closed on mondays and tuesdays. So where could I get information? This search gave me insight into the kindliness of people in Howden: the owners of the Minster View Hotel found me a train timetable, the landlord of the Wellington Hotel let me use his computer to try to check current train times (not easy!), and one of the post office staff found me an up to date timetable. I bought a meaty little magazine - Howden Matters - and chatted with the owners of various hostelries and shops. Some were angry about East Riding Council drawing yellow lines on the road and fining people for parking...but, to be fair (and I'm no admirer of ERYC), others felt it wasn't such an issue. Cars! It was nice to be free of one.

Having spent monday evening at a meeting in Hornsea of small traders trying to develop survival strategies for the arrival of Tesco, I do feel Howden is very lucky to have the ethical Co-operative and not to be dominated by the big-bully supermarkets. There are some great little shops in Howden - including butchers, deli, homecare - long may they thrive.

I spent a really pleasant afternoon in historic Howden and hope to return soon - thanks for the friendly welcome!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Behind the Wall, talk and book launch, Weds 10 March

Rich Wiles from Hull has spent many years, in total, working with Palestinian refugees in Aida Camp near Bethlehem. Come and hear his stories, watch his presentation and buy his book Behind the Wall.

Weds. 10 March, 7pm, Friends Meeting House, Bean Street, Hull. HU3 2PR (Rich will also speak on Friday at 7pm at Friends Meeting House, Quaker Lane, Beverley)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

'All war is organised murder'

Brian Haw's Awesome Peace Protest

We had a chat with Brian Haw on February 21st. He’s been camping opposite the Houses of Parliament for 8 years to protest against the aggression, death and destruction perpetrated by this country on Iraq. Brian deserves all our respect and admiration for standing up for human rights and civilised behaviour.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Politics Show Sunday 21st Feb

The Green Party was featured on the BBC Politics Show last Sunday with film of Hull North candidate Martin Deane, Huddersfield's Andrew Cooper, and myself doing a live bit from the London studio. Trouble is they asked me about climate change, and that's just not our main issue. I had about five points I wanted to make - but no time!

Young people and political debate

I spent a very interesting afternoon last week observing an East Riding Youth Assembly meeting in Beverley where young people were putting themselves forward as potential members of the Youth Parliament for the UK. 30 secondary school students spoke about what mattered to them - and it was all about justice. Issues included lowering the voting age, divorce and its effect on kids, bullying, the need to listen to young people’s views and to talk about disability in schools, unfair attitudes towards young people, and lack of things for young people to do. It was very impressive – and all these issues are championed by the Green Party whose slogan is ‘Fair is worth fighting for’.

The afternoon proved how caring young people can be, so it’s worrying that, in my experience, many young people don’t vote at all, often saying they know nothing about it. This allows the ‘grey’ parties (and the far right parties) to win seats because many older people seem to vote out of habit - or protest. It’s often younger people who want sensible fair Green politics, but who don’t vote…so its easy to see why we don’t get the positive change we so desperately need.

So, I’m inviting colleges and schools to please hold hustings (a meeting with questions to a panel of politicians) in the run-up to the general election. There was a Green landslide vote at Wolfreton School hustings (see below) : when people hear Green policies they like them. If you know a school or college (or, for that matter, any group at all) which is looking for a Green speaker, or a Green panellist for a hustings, do please get in touch with us.

Greens Landslide Win at Wolfreton School

I was delighted to be invited to Wolfreton School recently to participate in a political hustings in the run-up to the General Election. The audience was the whole of Year 10 and some sixth form politics students. The venue was the lecture theatre with adult politicians stage left and student politicians stage right. The adults represented Labour, Lib Dems, Conservatives, and myself for the Greens. The students represented Labour, UKIP, Green, BNP, Tory and Lib Dem. Tom (aged 13) also spoke as a member of the UK Youth Parliament. The politicians, young and old, described their policies, and questions followed.

Natalie and I gave the message that Green is the only way out of the recession. We can afford our policies because we would cut out the massive UK spending on ‘defence’. We would create hundreds of thousands of green jobs in agriculture, house refurbishment, insulation, public transport, and new energy technologies.

The audience voted and the result was a LANDSLIDE vote for the Greens!

Young people invariably believe in Green policies, but if they don’t vote (when they can), the older voters put in the OLD outdated parties and we get old outdated policies to keep us in the same old mess.

Many thanks for the event, Mr Richardson – if only more schools would do this….well done Wolfreton!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Green groups formally complain over Godfrey Bloom

Martin Deane speaks out against UKIP ideas

We handed in the complaint on Bloom letter to the police on Sunday. Myself and Shan Oakes, of the Green Party and Friends of the Earth in Beverley, spoke to BBC news. I made the point on why we were there – to counter the UKIP MEP’s vicious attack on Greenpeace and all greens – as he made clear in other interviews last week.

Under existing UK law, it is illegal to make remarks “glorifying terrorism” yet last month there was Bloom clearly relishing – to my mind – the blowing up of Rainbow Warrior. (If you combine this with subsequent Look North pieces you get the distinct impression that he is saying it’s ok to treat all green-minded people in this fashion). So under the law, there seems to be a case to answer. It would be ironic if a case were to result in a conviction, go through the courts, and end up with Bloom appealing to the EU!

EU law, is more progressive in this matter, and we favour it. Bloom, of course, is dead against it being an anti-EU party. As Greens we fight against a lot of EU initiatives, but we’re basically pro-EU. We want an EU on our terms – to be in it and fighting, rather than outside throwing rocks.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Young Hull vote Green! Here's why!

© MMX Hull and East Riding Green Party

Like to know more?

Email Martin at
or say hi on 01482 471467.

Hull Green Party
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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Campaigning in Cottingham in the rain

A bit of multi-tasking here: we wanted to do some campaigning, and needed to take some pics for our General Election Freepost leaflet, so invited passers by to join us and choose a poster to be seen with - we really enjoyed it despite the rain. The dogs were camera-shy.

Imagine the old parties doing this - would they get people to stand by them with posters saying, 'Let's buy a new Trident missile' or 'Privatise the NHS' or 'Support Big Corporations' or 'Send more soldiers to war'?!!!

It's good being Green because our policies make sense.

fungus on apple tree

Beautiful fungus on an old apple tree - an example of awesome biodiversity!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Revisiting an old stamping ground in this piece the Beverley Guardian published on Friday. Tread carefully, though!