Thursday, 14 January 2010

Don't be misled by a few weeks of cold weather

Bill Rigby, Beverley & Holderness candidate, writes on climate change:

In reply to Simon Fearnley's letter last week in which he said 'this CO2 rubbish is just a way of governments controlling its population and keeping people in poverty':

Certainly, governments are not usually the benevolent outfits they are supposed to be and things are often not what they seem, but, a few weeks of cold weather doesn't mean global warming isn't happening. On the contrary, a long predicted symptom of climate change is more and more extreme weather, both hot and cold, droughts and floods, as the planet's systems come under increasing strain.

For thousands of years, Britain has enjoyed a temperate climate owing to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream coming across the Atlantic. Now, the fresh water from melting polar icecaps is flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

This meltwater will cool the Gulf Stream waters and reduce its warming effect on the UK. In which case, our winters will become much colder, and our summers much warmer. Therefore the expressions 'climate change' and 'global warming' are both appropriate.

I would defend Simon's right to debate the issue without being treated as a subversive. A serious effect of governments' behaviour has been to polarise a whole range of issues with the effect of concealing truth and understanding rather than promoting it. Greens welcome debate, have
organised local discussions in the past and will keep doing so - watch this space!


Bill Rigby
Green Party
Parliamentary Candidate for Beverley and Holderness

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