Sunday, 25 April 2010

domestic solar energy

Today's report in the Independent concurs with our experience of getting a solar hot water system installed about 6 years ago now by Smart Energy UK. Although their own assessor said our house needed 2 panels facing in 2 directions to make the most of the sun, the SE installers turned up and installed only one panel. This has meant we lose the sun too early in the day to heat the water for the morning. We have complained several times but have never managed to get the firm to do anything about it. As with so many other issues, there needs to be regulatory bodies (as there are with tourism for example) to safeguard the public from cowboy operators who are not interested in follow-up.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday in Beverley - vote for your kids

Took leaflets and placards into Beverley. Sunny, busy. People walking past trying not to make eye contact. Feeling rather disconsolate - when a wonderful thing happened: 2 girls aged about 13 came up and asked what I was doing. I explained. One said 'Why are you dressed like that? It's weird' (boots, skirt, Green Party tabard, rosette and straw hat). The other said, 'That's rude', and I said, 'It's to attract attention.' Then they offered to take some leaflets to give out!! They did this for several hours, parading the placard up and down the crowded street....and they want to do it next saturday as well!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

robin looks suspicious

thought you might like another shot

It don't mean a thing if it aint got that Green swing

We moved down Toll Gavel and found some live jazz - The Black Cat Swing Club - perfect. What we need is a big Green swing! Spoke with people from all around the East Riding and Hull - and further afield.

On the stump - Saturday Market

Great day today - Beverley, Saturday Market, Butter Cross. We thought how little this spot is used when it could be a wonderful stage for street theatre etc. Just shows how much our community needs enlivening. More trading of locally grown food needed too.

'leader' debate

The debate last thursday was a good thing if it helped increase interest in politics. Nick Clegg came out marginally better than the others, BUT, if the Green leader, Caroline Lucas, had been on stage she would have outshone them all. Clegg said he would do things differently – BUT, how differently? All three still cling to the idea of economic ‘growth’. The Greens know that we have to change our ideas fundamentally if we are to climb out of recession without massive job losses and/or more damage to the environment. It was Caroline who came up with the term Green New Deal which the old parties have now adopted, but - the Greens’ policies actually hang together. ALL the old parties forget that the economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment. We forget this at our peril. We can’t continue with infinite growth on a finite planet.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Shan Oakes: What is Politics?

Hull and East Riding Launch

What is politics? Is it about letting vested interests have it all their own way or is it about striving for fairness?

And what's fairness? Is it about everyone getting the same or is it about promoting the common good so that everyone benefits?

The Greens would say that politics should be about promoting fairness and the good of all.... and that can't be done by just a bit of fiddling. At this point in history it needs a real shift in thinking. We can't any longer let the banks and corporations get away with murder. We can't any longer sit and watch the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We cant keep making and selling weapons and waging war, and we cant any longer keep exporting and importing jobs and food. We can't keep building more roads and runways. We have to move away from oil-dependent farming and factory fishing - catching every last fish... Look at the state of the bees and the seas.

Instead we must bring the people back into politics. Banks and business must not be allowed to exploit people and the environment. Community must be able to flourish and support individuals. Technology must be the servant of wholesome needs such as renewable energy. People need satisfying jobs - and this country desperately needs skilled people to improve our decrepit housing stock - and to work in farming- working with nature instead of against it – growing healthy seasonal food for the local market.. We need better public transport and public services (health, care and education) . People need a living wage and decent pensions.

It's this joined-up fairness that the Greens fight for.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Martin Deane - Green Party for North Hull

Coming Up - April 2010


THU 29 APR - Hull University hustings, 6pm, with Hull North candidates.

THU 29 APR - 2pm Age Concern hustings, Hodgsons, Beverley, with Beverley candidates.

MON 26 APR - Beverley Minster hustings 7.30pm, with Beverley candidates.

SUN 25 APR - 7.30pm, Hull North hustings - Cottingham Road, Baptist Church (corner of Chants. Ave). With the Hull North candidates.

THU 22 APR - York, Green regional launch with Martin Deane, Shan Oakes, Bill Rigby....
- Green Party Naff Do, Kings Head, Nafferton 7.30pm, with food. An enjoyable night out.

TUE 20 APR - 9-10am BBC Radio Humberside, Hull North candidates' debate
- last day for voter registration forms.

SAT 17 APR - MAMMOTH Jumble Sale, 12.30-2.30 Spring Bank Community Centre. Come and support! Grab a bargain!

Bill Rigby explains what we should do over windfarms

Thursday, 1 April 2010


A few words on hunting: We walked up to see the Holderness Hunt meeting on Beverley Westwood last Boxing Day. You might assume the Greens are opposed to hunting and you would be right that we are against hunting with dogs for sport. On the other hand, we are happy to see the vestiges of an ancient tradition in the form of horses, people and hounds getting some exercise - but without killing foxes - as was the case on Westwood on Boxing Day. If foxes need controlling there are more humane ways to do that than using packs of dogs to tear them apart.

The Tory MP, Graham Stuart, on the other hand, said that if the Tories get into government at the coming election, he hopes the anti-hunting law will be repealed - so that this bloodthirsty 'sport' can resume. Mr Stuart spoke of retaining the 'freedom' to indulge in hunting foxes. The Greens' view is that we certainly want to retain our freedoms, but that archaic customs such as hunting and killing animals with dogs should no longer be seen as acceptable behaviour. Barbarity towards animals supports and encourages barbarity towards human beings.