Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Shan Oakes: What is Politics?

Hull and East Riding Launch

What is politics? Is it about letting vested interests have it all their own way or is it about striving for fairness?

And what's fairness? Is it about everyone getting the same or is it about promoting the common good so that everyone benefits?

The Greens would say that politics should be about promoting fairness and the good of all.... and that can't be done by just a bit of fiddling. At this point in history it needs a real shift in thinking. We can't any longer let the banks and corporations get away with murder. We can't any longer sit and watch the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We cant keep making and selling weapons and waging war, and we cant any longer keep exporting and importing jobs and food. We can't keep building more roads and runways. We have to move away from oil-dependent farming and factory fishing - catching every last fish... Look at the state of the bees and the seas.

Instead we must bring the people back into politics. Banks and business must not be allowed to exploit people and the environment. Community must be able to flourish and support individuals. Technology must be the servant of wholesome needs such as renewable energy. People need satisfying jobs - and this country desperately needs skilled people to improve our decrepit housing stock - and to work in farming- working with nature instead of against it – growing healthy seasonal food for the local market.. We need better public transport and public services (health, care and education) . People need a living wage and decent pensions.

It's this joined-up fairness that the Greens fight for.

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