Thursday, 7 October 2010

Connaught workers - Bring them back in!

Martin Deane of Hull area Green Party joined the protest last week of Connaught workers and their unions.

Their jobs have gone.

As they were all employed working for Hull, will the council now directly employ them - as they did before - and as other councils around the country are now doing?

Happily, a recent meeting did report that the 200 Connaught workers had been paid every penny of the month's wages owed to them. I'm led to believe that the Council will do the right thing and take them back in... Understandably the workers and their representatives will believe it when the contracts are in their hands.

This happened recently in Leeds.

All across the country ordinary working people like ours are having to take action like this to save their jobs in the face of the cuts being pursued by the Con-Dem coalition. Just like bailing out the banks was much more ideological than it made economic sense. Now those same bankers are back to their million pound bonuses. It's obscene. The Green Party has always fought the ideas behind these cuts - they are unnecessary. They are ideological.

This is Thatcher 2.0.

And this is the fight back.

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