Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stop the Cuts!

The Conservatives plan to callously cut to the bone the UK’s vital social infrastructure. Once again - we’re being told – by Tories – that There is No Alternative.

Cameron, Clegg and Osborne are wedded to the ideological choice of devastating cuts – but they helped bail out their banker friends and their fellow millionaires - and they fail to look at much better alternatives.

Cameron says he wished “there was another way... an easier way” but that “there is no other responsible way.”

But we say: “There is an easier way - and a better way – and a way that will avoid hurting millions of innocent bystanders through your savage cuts: - Increase taxes on the highest incomes - Scrap expensive and irrelevant projects like Trident - Transfer money from roadbuilding to public transport – And get tough on tax avoidance and tax evasion!

If you do this - you could then SPEND money on a major public investment programme that would CREATE 100s of 1000s of jobs –not destroy them - and transform the economy to help tackle energy consumption, tackle carbon emissions and tackle rising energy costs.

But instead – they will create a wasteland and call it peace... If we let them!

The Tories accused Labour of being in denial about the debt they caused - but let’s look at Tory denials:-

- Tories talk about how irresponsible it would be to leave our children to pay our debts – but that’s exactly what the next generation will pay for - paying for the continual using up of ever-decreasing resources – paying for wars for oil – paying for aircraft carriers to project UK power – even with no planes to fly from them!!!

- Helping pay bailouts to bankers while half a million workers lose their jobs.

Listening to Osborne and Cameron, you’d think the only drain on the country was workers! The firemen, the nurses, the teachers, the benefits staff – the workers who keep this country going, workers who give this society REAL VALUE in most people’s eyes - and not just measured in pound signs!

Tories say the NHS is ‘protected’ - but in fact it’s still under threat of privatisation! NHS staff have already got their “Frontline” campaign to save jobs up and running right now. They say,“We’re all frontline!” – so don’t cut ANY of our jobs!

Tories talk about more university and apprenticeship places - but we’re now expecting tuition costs to soar and we will see education become the haves versus the have-nots. This is totally unacceptable in 21st century Britain!

Tories say they will give people, power, such as to choose what school their kids will go to. But the issue isn’t choice! It’s making sure every child has a place at a good local school.

Tories attack treating heroin addiction on the NHS – but we could cut crime significantly if we STOP treating heroin addiction as a CRIMINAL problem and treat it properly as a MEDICAL problem.

Tories say those on higher incomes must contribute more - but their changes to child benefit do so in a way that is clearly unfair.

Tories want us to have ‘elected police commissioners you can elect and kick out’ – basically, this means making the UK more like the USA. But who on earth would want to follow America’s appalling record of imprisoning a full one per cent of its population?

These cuts are ideological. They are an attack on ordinary people everywhere. They follow an agenda of enriching the rich at everyone else's expense. And so we will fight them.

This is Thatcher Part Two. And we are the resistance!

Stop the cuts!

- There will be a demonstration in Sheffield for noon on Saturday, 23rd October. If interested in travelling from Hull contact 471467.

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