Sunday, 13 March 2011

Where is the official party of opposition?

TJ White, Hull, writes from a piece first posted on the Labour fb page.

Here is my post where they(Labour!) can't delete it!

I have joined this page to support John McArdle and all the other people at Black Triangle: You are our official party of opposition. Start OPPOSING!!!!!!

We as disabled people are being told that ... if we can push our own wheelchairs 30 yards on a flat surface we have no mobility problems, how many places in reality fit that description?... We will be trapped in our homes, sanctioned by the DWP on income based benefits because we can no longer leave the house to get to work OR go to work focused interviews.

ATOS is stealing taxpayers' money in their disability denial factories; they have been given a blank cheque and the consent to harass and persecute those who are too sick to work. What did you think would happen when you told them if they wanted to they could reassess people every three months and you would pay them to do so? Appeals have rocketed and as soon as people have won their appeal they are being reassessed again!

It's money for old rope, it's persecution. And you couldn't give a damn because all you care about really is the Daily Mail readers that you have been partially responsible for whipping into a frenzy to win votes from them.

STOP the lies, make a fair test, and yes test us, test us in a fair evenhanded manner, remove profit from the testing or you will always skew the figures.


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