Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Voting CAN change society

Letter to the Hull Daily Mail


Dear Editor,

A lot of people in Hull don't vote, especially in local elections - but that vote was hard fought for: so is the sort of society we really want.

It was in 1918, after the huge loss of life of the First World War, that all men over 21 could vote (over 19 if you'd been on active service). Men.

Some women campaigned through the 1920s, for suffrage, the right to vote - for all women, not just those with property. After a decade campaigning, being slammed in the press, and tough campaigning too - they destroyed art exhibits, even burned down buildings and churches - women won the vote with a bill through Parliament in 1928.
After the slaughter, this time the Second World War, came the major achievements in society of a National Health Service, of housing, of social security, of free education for all.

Voting - and especially becoming more involved - offers you the opportunity to change society. Yes, we need representatives who won't let us down - but WE also need to hold them to account.

Who knows? Maybe in the end we can create a fairer society. Maybe we can even stop the slaughtering too.
Yours sincerely,

Martin Deane

Hull Green Party

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