Monday, 20 February 2012

Stop Workfare Now!

On top of all the insults that this Government has heaved upon people by way of any number of policies without public support, workfare, and the idea of having to work for your benefits is one of the most insidious.

This on top of record unemployment, especially among the young,  most of it caused directly by government policies.

A major campaign is underway against the businesses and charities which benefit from this free slave labour and a number of them have changed their mind, as below.

Help stop it now by signing the petition below.

Martin Deane is standing for Avenue ward, Hull, for the Green Party.

PETITION against Workfare, the labour for 'benefits' scheme.

Latest: See Right To Work

Boycott Workfare



  1. Easier to list the firms not rejoicing at the return of slavery to these shores - Aldi, Waitrose, that's it as far as I know. Then there are the ones who noted the adverse publicity and crapped out.
    I'll link to this, labour saving.

    P.S., You've missed Arcadia, the property of Sir Philip Green, who's so poor he doesn't pay any tax in this country.

  2. Hi Jemmy, thanks for your comments. Disgraceful situation. I'll add Arcadia!