Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Martin Deane for Avenue ward


Martin Deane, Green Party

Candidate for Avenue ward

Response to HUU manifesto:

I want politics in Hull to become more rounded. Right now the 3 old parties are forcing us into a strait-jacket of austerity - but it doesn't have to be this way.

Greens are determined to protect the NHS and to fight tuition fees which put a millstone around students' necks. We reject the austerity agenda and look to minimise the damage being done to jobs and services. Young people should be supported to stay on in education. Greens press for progressive taxation on international banking and big business, and for the wealthy to pay their dues. 

I first entered party politics due to global concerns like climate change, peak oil and the destruction of the environment. I also come out of peace activism and years campaigning against sanctions, and then war, on Iraq. I've been active for years in the Hull Stop the War coalition, in Palestine Solidarity and, more recently, Hull Against the Cuts.

I first came to Hull to complete my degree in 1988.  Since teacher training, I have taught in Hull and now regularly work as a supply teacher.  I completed a MSc at Hull University in 2005.

I'm Chair of Hull and East Riding Green Party and a trustee of CHEF, the City of Hull and Humber Environment Forum. This year I also serve on the International Committee of the national Green Party. In 2010 I stood in the General Election for Hull North and for the local elections in 2011.

Some Manifesto points:
  • Jobs and Services: – I am committed to protecting services, saving jobs and fighting cuts. I will use Green experience nationwide to fight to keep all services for the vulnerable and needy.
  • Energy :– I want to see a move into cavity wall insulation and funding for solar panels in the area, and investigate the prospect for wind turbines within the city.
  • Small business:– I want to strengthen small businesses, pursue a local currency, revitalise the shop local campaign, and fight those giant corporations that cost us jobs.
  • Recycling: Hull's is taken to Walsall for separation and elsewhere for re-manufacture. I want to pursue local separation and reprocessing, and cutting down all waste.
  • Environment:– Biodiversity should be encouraged within the city. This should include some habitats deliberately left to grow rather than ruthlessly cut back, as usual.

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