Sunday, 22 April 2012

Martin Deane says, Politics can be different!

The three old parties all support cuts. The Lib Dems are helping the Tories enforce them and Labour says yes to cuts too.
In Hull this means that 1400 local people have already lost their jobs, with more cuts to come.
The biggest single reason for the cuts is the massive Labour bailouts of over £1000 billion to the bankers - rewarding them for wrecking the economy.
Is anyone putting banking regulation back? No! The old political parties agree that helping the banks was the only way. It wasn't.
We need a different sort of politics. We need regulation of the financial sector where, at the very least, retail banking is split from casino banking.
The cuts don't work! Osborne has been busy proving this. Meanwhile we have an increasingly unjust society, with schools all on the slippery slope to becoming academies and healthcare being sold off!
The Green Party supports regulating finance, a public health service and fair pensions for all.
Why not add your support?
Martin Deane, Avenue ward 2012

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