Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Green Avenue vote

Good effort Avenues voters! Ours was the city’s second best turnout at 34%. (Beverley ward was 41%. The turnout of 7 wards was under 20%!).

The Green Party Avenues vote was 513, or 16% equalling our previous best. We came third after the Lab-LibDem derby. We beat UKIP and Tory. 

That single vote came 34th out of 76, beating 42 other votes across the city: 19 Conservatives, all 8 UKIPs, 10 Lib Dems, 1 Lab, and all 4 NFs! (One Tory received 19 votes!) 

Congratulations also to the two areas which weren't targets: to James Russell (8%), third in Newland, beating the Tories, and to Mike Lammiman (5%) who beat the Lib Dem candidate and came fourth in Bricknell.

We've to double our vote here - or try somewhere else! It didn't matter this time (or for a long time?) whether Lib Dem or Labour won here. A local derby vote is pointless. If you're voting because of national politics, there's no point expecting Labour to get us out of this mess. The ConDems couldn't make progress on these plans without the 13 years of New Labour that sent us further down this road. It's just turkeys voting for a different type of Christmas.

Hull Council Results 2012 Graph