Sunday, 2 December 2012

Coalition of Resistance AGM: Cuts Devastate the Most Vulnerable

COR Chair, Romayne Phoenix of the Green Party, with new COR president, Tony Benn.  

The Coalition of Resistance conference was very busy. We met with colleagues to resist the appalling cuts to services which are devastating to the most vulnerable members of society. That a government made up of millionaires can do this is truly grotesque.

NEF's Olivier Vardakoulias, a member of the Greek left-leaning party Syriza, gave a particularly insightful analysis. Across Europe it's the elite on one side and the people on the other.  It's not an economic crisis - it's a political crisis.  Welfare provision has been funded by borrowing from future generations instead of a fair contribution from the rich. Powerful interests are preventing change.  

Shan Oakes, Bill Rigby

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