Friday, 16 August 2013

August shenanigans!

Anti-EDL protest – On Saturday 17th, in Hull, there is an anti-EDL rally, at 11am, corner of Pearson Park and Park Road. In other cities mosques have been targeted.  The EDL are focussing on Hull on Saturday and at the moment have a route in the centre of the city . We have lots of support and should have good numbers on our side.

Fracking in our area! - A company is currently exploratory drilling in Holderness. There is a Facebook page so far to encourage resistors in Hull and East Yorkshire (HEY). Resistance in Balcombe has been so great that the police have advised the company to scale back. But this is probably only tactical. No surprise either that Balcombe is Francis Maude’s territory - the minister for fracking!

Barge transport - Last week Martin Deane was on Radio Humberside and filmed for Look North on barge workers based around Goole. A big contract has been terminated moving 200,000 tonnes of aggregate from Notts to Wakefield. Some ten barges could be scrapped if not used. Meanwhile, a biomass plant – using waste wood – is planned for next year near Goole and wants 360,000 tonnes delivered preferably by water. It would be a shame to lose the barges in the interim; each barge can take 14 heavy lorries off the roads, and is a green less pollutive form of heavy transport - as well as an historic industry.

Orchard Picnic - Food 4 Hull and Arthur Street Organics are having a party at Pickering Road Community Orchard on Saturday 24th August 2013 for anyone who loves local food. The party starts at 3pm. Please bring food, beverages, board games or acoustic instruments. Please RSVP to