Sunday, 6 April 2014

Axe the Bedroom Tax rally, Hull | Christopher Alder Vigil

(Photos: Peter Pollard, with thanks)

Martin Deane, of Hull and East  Riding Green Party, spoke at the Bedroom Tax rally, Sat 5th April. also speaking were Dermot Rathbone (People's Assembly), Cllr Shelagh Finlay (Lab), and Cllr Gill Kennett (Labour, suspended for voting against the budget costing 400 Hull jobs).
"The figures surrounding the tax are staggering.  Despite the government's avowed intent to rehouse people more sensibly, only a tiny fraction have been able to move. A further staggering number involve disabled people, as if they didn't have enough to contend with!
"The figures exposed recently by BBC research show that only 6% of people affected by the bedroom tax have been able to move.
"We already know that 66% are in rent arrears, with 15% facing eviction. This is further evidence that the bedroom tax is causing widespread misery and suffering. That there are now hundreds of thousands of households trapped in unaffordable homes is an indictment of the bedroom tax policy, and this government.
"The bedroom tax is one further blow to disabled people in Britain, already hit hard by the deeply flawed and grossly unreasonable Work Capability Assessment administered by the dreadful Atos.
"We rejoice – briefly – at Atos caving in after recent national demonstrations, and requesting their government contract be ended early – but we know some other craven company will take their place.
"Two thirds of households affected by the bedroom tax have at least one disabled member. This unjust tax piles disadvantage on disadvantage. It expects children of the same gender to share bedrooms - yet we're expecting schools to improve results for the most disadvantaged pupils. Forcing those children to try to do their homework and study in overcrowded, stressful environments will not help.
"We currently have a government detached from reality with Iain Duncan Smith proclaiming "let them move house" when there are no homes to move to!  We need to back policies to ensure that people have a roof over the heads and enough to eat in the UK - one of the richest countries in the world."
"It is deeply concerning how grossly unfair it is that the poor are targeted by this tax - especially as the richest are benefiting from tax cuts. It's horrifying that such a high proportion of those affected are disabled.
"This abhorrent policy is pushing people who are already desperate, into homelessness or into the hands of pay day loan sharks.

"A government minister was recently asked, How much money has the Bedroom Tax saved? She said, It wasn't all about saving money...
"We need to see an end to this tax. We need an end to this government!"
Janet Alder is still seeking justice for her brother Christopher who died on the floor of Queen's Gardens Police Station, Hull. 16 years on, and despite an unlawful killing verdict, dozens of questions remain unanswered. There have been 6000 deaths in police custody since the year 2000. ( )
Adding insult to death, when Chris, a 37-year old ex-paratrooper, partner and father of two, was buried, the WRONG body was handed over for the funeral. A recent investigation shed no light on how this occurred beyond revealing Christopher's body had been transferred between 6 body bags.
It also refused to lay any blame or to find any criminal wrongdoing.
Of further worry is the revelation that 59 police officers attended the mortuary to view Christopher Alder's body. There is no explanation as to why.
Janet also revealed she had had no support from Labour (under who this killing happened), the Lib Dems or the Conservatives. The Green Party should formally support her and others of the 6000 dead seeking answers. It is time to end the paramilitary model of policing.

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