Monday, 28 April 2014

Blaming immigrants is THE far-right tactic

There is one particular reason why the rise of Ukip is worrying.
Immigrants have, for a long time, been the lowest common denominator in politics. 100 years ago it was the Jews. Today we have 8 million – rightwing - newspapers daily, blaming immigrants for something or other. In theory, I have no problem with a popular island having immigration controls.
But that's not the only thing at stake with a big Ukip vote.
It's bankrolled by rich people. Farage was a Wall Street trader. So forget workers' rights, forget a public NHS, forget environmental defence such as against fracking or for species. Ukip voted for tax avoidance in the EU - while not turning up for most other votes. It claims millions in EU funding while silencing members who question it. Its EFD group is the far-right of the EU Parliament.
People from the EU coming here bring money with them. In net terms, they've been worth £25 billion to Britain since 2000.
""We must limit immigration there's a housing crisis." - Housing is short. But don't you think the lowest house-building since the 1950s has something to do with it?? Who's telling you to blame immigrants?
"Charity begins at home, we should look after our own first." - Sure... Who aren't we looking after? The disabled... indeed, forced to attend multiple humiliating ATOS assessments, their benefits at risk... 10,600 have died within 6 months of their benefits being ended like this. Who's responsible? YOUR GOVERNMENT! AND YOU want to vote for people who are MORE rightwing than that!!
"They're taking our jobs!" - Where do you think you live? This is a country run by arch-capitalist psychopaths! They're continually attacking wages (by inflation, by denying wage rises, by fiddling with RPI or CPI), pensions (by policy) and workers' rights to make things "easier" for business (ie their profits). They WANT unemployment – it keeps workers down, weakens unions and suppresses wages. True, immigration ALSO helps this – AND they know this! But remember, we have 2 million people working abroad too, so attack foreign workers here and you can expect British workers abroad to be attacked too – what was that about looking after our own?  Don't for a moment think people crazier than them will do workers any favours! Ukip has already been attacking the worth of working women.
Look. Where's the power in Britain? With immigrants coming here from other countries and working hard to make their way? Or with the 1% whose wealth has rocketed while everyone else's has stagnated or fallen? The 1% include the bankers who got Labour to pay them a trillion pounds when they crashed the economy and then ensured no-one changed the rules to stop it happening again.
Blame immigrants for your ills and the rightwing will continue to laugh all the way to the bank, at YOUR EXPENSE. Farage – he's good at laughing, isn't he?
The blaming of immigrants for the country's ills is THE far-right tactic. We must know this from history.

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