Monday, 7 April 2014

Stop Fracking Tour of East Riding

Talk and film from both local and national campaigners against the Fracking Industry. Residents can find out how to stop the threat to the East Riding's water, air, soil and homes.

Monday 14th April, 7pm - Walkington Village Hall

Tuesday 15th April, 7pm - Hornsea Floral Hall

Thursday 17th April 7.15pm - Driffield - Cass Hall

Rathlin, a Canadian owned drilling company currently test-drilling sites near Withernwick and Walkington, have confirmed the possibility of fracking in the East Riding.
When the company was asked in writing, "Will they be seeking planning consent and/or permits in the future to carry out hydraulic fracturing?" they replied, "Possibly".
"Does your parent company, Connaught Oil and Gas, have any history in exploring or producing unconventional hydrocarbons?" They relied "Yes"
When it was put to Rathlin that, "45,000 shale gas wells have been drilled in the US. We know that an average shale gas well produces 1billion cubic feet of gas. Producing usable quantities of shale gas in the UK would require very large numbers of wells. Do you acknowledge this fact?" They relied, "Yes this is potentially correct. Shale gas within the UK is still in infant exploration phase so it is not possible to determine what will be required at this point in time."
The real reason for the explosion of fracking in the US is the passage of 2005 legislation, which exempts the fracking industry from any regulatory supervision under the Safe Drinking Water Act. It is the only industry allowed by the EPA to inject known hazardous materials – unchecked – directly into or adjacent to underground drinking water supplies.
Fracking uses between one and eight million gallons of water over the lifetime of each well. Entire farming regions of Pennsylvania and other states report that their well water sources have become so toxic as to be undrinkable. In some cases, fracked gas seeps into the home via the water taps.
Veteran petroleum geologist Arthur Berman, basing his analysis on actual well data in the US, concluded that shale gas wells decline in production volumes at an exponential rate and are liable to run out far faster than what is being hyped by the market.
The extremely rapid overall gas field declines require from 30 to 50 per cent of production to be replaced annually with more drilling – a nightmare scenario for UK residents.
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