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Wealth, Siemens and Andrew Cooper - Notes to Hull PA and LRC


April 26 – Hull People's Assembly

Wealth for all

There's a Facebook picture of a dolphin saying: Humans are the only animals that seek happiness with wealth! We often define wealth in terms of money! Only after most of us are reminded do we define it in terms of love – family – health - good food - clean water – a nice area – clean streets – decent pensions – a free health service – ease of travel – a society we can be proud of.

For money is an illusion. Every note contains a worthless promise... "I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum  of ten pounds." Once, long ago, you could claim your ten POUNDS of gold. But the link to the Gold Standard was broken many years ago. Modern money bears no relation to the promise. It's now FIAT money – not the Italian car – but the Latin for "Let it be made". It is created – by banks.

A bank clerk types £5000 into a computer. The bank doesn't HAVE the £5000! The bank has PERMISSION to create £5000 - out of nothing! They create MANY TIMES the entire bank's total value in assets. (When Lehman Brothers went down it was leveraged at 81 times its assets!) We make it REAL! We pay IN the money earned by the sweat of our brow. It's a con. It's the never-ending creation  of money,  it's eternal  inflation. It requires every union and every worker to campaign endlessly for ever-higher wages – or lose out. We're so used to it we barely question it. Our economy is the same – endless growth, based on endless resources – presumably on some infinite planet!


Siemens is a great deal to have for the Hull area. The factory provides 700 jobs – which we hope will be local. But the joy expressed over Siemens is tempered by anger over the lost 2000 jobs from Hull City Council. ALL local jobs – in this the city with the country's highest youth unemployment.  Council jobs are jobs in service to the community. Siemens jobs are there to make money for the company.  Service jobs in a needy city are there for the long term; Siemens jobs are there while the work lasts. Wind giant Vestas closed its factory on the Isle of Wight in 2009 losing 425 jobs. 220 jobs were rescued by Vestas agreeing to a research facility after a 2-week worker sit-in by workers - and no doubt some government help.

NOW -  the fact that Britain - with the greatest wind resources in Europe - doesn't have its own major wind turbine manufacturer – is a matter for ridicule!

Nevertheless, the Siemens deal is a win, as will be the major North Sea windfarms if they take place. At the same time, the ConDem government is ending the onshore wind subsidy in 2015, and making windfarms a local council planning matter alone, thus undermining one of the greenest industries we have. But it's election time…

Cllr Andrew Cooper

Imagine thousands of council homes in Hull being solar powered! Ending fuel poverty there!  Ending the worry of ever- rising bills from the Big 6! Imagine no charge to tenants and they get the power for free!  - You won't have heard ANYTHING about this, but in February, Cllr Andrew Cooper got Kirklees to agree to install solar panels on 2000 council homes!  The excess power means the council gets paid back in 12 years! But what coverage did this get?? NONE – save the Huddersfield Examiner.  For months the BBC has blocked coverage of the Green Party regional campaign. Next Wednesday they've deigned to do a piece – other than on Ukip! Andrew Cooper will be in Hull on Wednesday.  Years ago, he started the Kirklees Warm Zone scheme – now copied by councils round the country. Nowadays he's our Green Party energy expert. And this year he's the lead Green Party candidate for our region.

Martin Deane is Green Party candidate for Avenue Ward, Hull, in May 22nd.

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