Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rathlin exploring aimed at full-scale fracking

Response to Hull Daily Mail letter today: 

Dear Editor, 

Thank you to R.Smithson of Walkington for keeping the important local debate about fracking going. We hope it is helpful to try to respond to some of the points raised in the letter of 30th May.

If Rathlin are not interested in fracking why have they spent millions to drill deep below conventional oil and gas bearing sediments into the Bo
wland Shale?

Why do they propose to carry out a "mini-frack" to see if gas can be extracted by fracking if they are not interested in fracking?

Why does the parent company, Connaught Oil and Gas of Canada, want to spend millions on exploring these gas shales in what they call the Humber Basin if they do not intend to generate profit from fracking to extract the gas in the future.

It appears that R.Smithson is not aware of our MP Graham Stuart's endorsement of the proposals to be announced in the Queen's Speech to amend the Trespass Laws. This is being done specifically to speed up the fracking process by allowing oil companies to drill under property without getting the prior permission of the landowner or occupier.

As a Walkington resident, R.Smithson must know that several hundred residents objected to the Environment Agency before Rathlin gained permission, but to no effect. Few people even knew about the current resumption of drilling until the arrival of the Crawberry Hill Protectors and the media coverage. 

Readers will want to form their own view - we urge them, and R.Smithson, to go on-line at home or in the local library and reach their own conclusions.

Hundreds of concerned residents have already attended local meetings organised by HEY Frack Off; more meetings are planned by popular demand.

Do come along and ask your questions.

If and when fracking does start in the Humber Basin it will be far too late to stop the environmental disasters and health hazards which have arisen from fracking across North America.

Yours sincerely,

Val and Jon Mager 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Wednesday: Buy the Hull Daily Mail!

We hope everyone enjoys our manifesto free with the paper today. (Weds)

Greens are consistently for policies to pull us in the right direction - towards a more equal society, a more sustainable world.

We've been around for over 40 years. Our message is consistent about what we're doing to the planet and to each other: we need to stop and think!

Our headlines are what 60 plus percent of people want – a free, public NHS, nationalised railways that give value for money, nationalised utility companies for people nor profit, renewables to move away from oil and fracking, for cleaner industries and cleaner environments, for jobs for the future and services we can rely on, for sharing the wealth that we all ultimately create.
A vote for the other parties loses you those things.

People are discovering us and they like what they see. Greens are already  the fourth biggest group in the EU and Greens campaign as hard as anyone for the people's voice to be heard.

Do you still want a protest vote? Greens offer you the best one ever – because we have the positive policies the other parties have disowned.

Above all, Greens are saying: "Look at what can we achieve together, as a society, as a world!"

Best wishes,
Martin Deane
07935 036211 
Hull and East Riding Green Party

Monday, 19 May 2014

Hull Green Party candidates 2014

Photo: Candidates, Angela Needham (Orchard Park and Greenwood), Richard Howarth (University) and Mike Lammiman (Myton).
In addition to yours truly, Martin Deane standing for Avenue, we have Angela Needham, standing for Orchard Park and Greenwood, a long-term campaigner and keen birdwatcher; Richard Howarth, standing in University ward, a home energy expert, and Mike Lammiman, standing for Myton ward, a health researcher and UCU union official.
James Russell, is standing for Bricknell Ward, and is a charity officer with many years' working in community development in Hull and across Yorkshire.
Vote Green TWICE, on May 22nd.

Green Party energy expert up for Europe

Photo: Andrew Cooper, regional lead candidate for Europe and Kirklees councillor,  with Martin Deane, standing for Avenue in Hull, among the solar panels of the URC church in central Sheffield.
I'd like to introduce Andrew Cooper – that's him on the left! He's one of 5 Green councillors on Kirklees Council. Andrew 's our lead candidate for Europe. He's also the party's national energy expert and speaks on the environment too.
His achievements in Kirklees with energy savings and solar energy are frankly amazing. He would be a top ally in Europe for Hull, especially with the Siemens factory now agreed and the proposals for North Sea wind farms advancing.
Do I need to say it? Vote Green on May 22nd!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Green Party visit Hull's 'most eco-friendly house'

GOING GREEN: From left, Martin Deane, standing in Avenue Ward, Andrew Cooper, the lead Europe candidate for the region, and Richard Howarth, standing in University Ward.  Picture: Jerome Ellerby
In addition, Mike Lammiman will be standing for Myton Ward, Angela Needham for Orchard Park & Greenwood, and James Russell for Bricknell.
GREEN Party candidates have launched their campaign for the Hull and Euro elections in what is being billed as the city's most eco-friendly terrace house. Along with his partner Isabel, Richard Howarth has transformed their 1930s end-terrace home in Inglemire Avenue, north Hull, into a model of energy efficiency.
In doing so, they have cut their energy bills while being paid through feed-in tariffs for the renewable energy the house generates with rooftop solar panels and a solar thermal unit that heats water.
Richard, who is standing in the city's University ward in next month's council elections, believes the house is a practical example of Green Party policies in action.
"When we moved to Hull we deliberately looked for a house to do this kind of project," he said.
"This one was ideal because it was cold, a bit damp and not very energy efficient.
"I'm more of a DIY enthusiast than an expert so I did what I could myself and got the real experts in when needed."
Andrew Cooper, the Green Party's lead candidate in Yorkshire and the Humber, was the latest of impressed visitors to tour the property earlier this week.
He said: "What Richard has done here is exactly what the Greens have been campaigning on for years," he said.
"This type of project demonstrates how money can be recycled back into the local economy by using local products rather than people continuing to pay huge household bills to the big remote energy firms.
"It also shows where public funding priorities should lie.
"Instead of spending huge sums on things like HS2 and the Trident programme, that money could go on making sure thousands of people live in better-insulated homes."
As well as being the party's energy and environment spokesman, he is currently one of five Green councillors on Kirklees in West Yorkshire.
His goal on the Euro-election trail is secure more European funding for sustainable energy schemes.
In Hull, where the Greens have yet to make an election breakthrough, the party is fielding five candidates.
Alongside Richard, Martin Deane is standing in Avenue, James Russell is contesting Bricknell, Michael Lammiman is in Myton and Angela Needham is standing in Orchard Park and Greenwood.
Smart ideas to cut energy use
Richard has reduced energy use in his home by installing LED lighting, low-energy appliances, a low-flow shower head and a clothes drier, which he hangs from his ceiling, and installed an extractor fan with heat recovery in his bathroom to prevent mould.
He used materials such as recycled plastic, wood fibre boards and lime plaster for wall insulation, and recycled newspaper for loose-fill insulation beneath the floor and timber doors.
Some of the steps he has taken to make his home energy efficient include:
• Trebling the insulation in his roof, from 100mm to 300mm, funded by Warm Zone in Hull and expected to save £37 a year.
• Fitting internal wall insulation using wood fibre boards and lime plaster on the front and rear of the property, which preserves the look of the building, as well as preserving heat.
• Insulating floors with plastic sheeting over joists to prevent drafts.
• Fitting radiator reflectors, made of foil, on the walls behind the radiators to prevent the loss of heat.
• Tightening the air in his home by covering gaps, such as key hole covers.
To find out more about Richard's renovations, visit