Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rathlin exploring aimed at full-scale fracking

Response to Hull Daily Mail letter today: 

Dear Editor, 

Thank you to R.Smithson of Walkington for keeping the important local debate about fracking going. We hope it is helpful to try to respond to some of the points raised in the letter of 30th May.

If Rathlin are not interested in fracking why have they spent millions to drill deep below conventional oil and gas bearing sediments into the Bo
wland Shale?

Why do they propose to carry out a "mini-frack" to see if gas can be extracted by fracking if they are not interested in fracking?

Why does the parent company, Connaught Oil and Gas of Canada, want to spend millions on exploring these gas shales in what they call the Humber Basin if they do not intend to generate profit from fracking to extract the gas in the future.

It appears that R.Smithson is not aware of our MP Graham Stuart's endorsement of the proposals to be announced in the Queen's Speech to amend the Trespass Laws. This is being done specifically to speed up the fracking process by allowing oil companies to drill under property without getting the prior permission of the landowner or occupier.

As a Walkington resident, R.Smithson must know that several hundred residents objected to the Environment Agency before Rathlin gained permission, but to no effect. Few people even knew about the current resumption of drilling until the arrival of the Crawberry Hill Protectors and the media coverage. 

Readers will want to form their own view - we urge them, and R.Smithson, to go on-line at home or in the local library and reach their own conclusions.

Hundreds of concerned residents have already attended local meetings organised by HEY Frack Off; more meetings are planned by popular demand.

Do come along and ask your questions.

If and when fracking does start in the Humber Basin it will be far too late to stop the environmental disasters and health hazards which have arisen from fracking across North America.

Yours sincerely,

Val and Jon Mager 

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