Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sunday Aug 3rd: A Vigil for Gaza, Hull


We are now working towards filling a coach for London for the huge demonstration planned for next Saturday 9th August.  Contacts to Martin Deane,, 07935 036211. 

Some people brought flowers for the babies killed, their names and ages on labels, and a small teddy bear attached.

Thank you to ALL who came today... We were about 100. All who held a flag. All who read some names. All who reflected on the fragility of human life when confronted with a war machine. 

We donated money for Palestinian relief.  £300 was donated that day to Medical Aid for Palestinians.Well done. This is a top charity in the field. 

We stood in a circle and shared out the names of the dead among people who came, Christians, Muslims, others, those of no faith. We read out hundreds of names of Palestinian dead - from babies to 80 years old. Including the 4 children killed playing football on the beach.

Towards the end we read out some Israeli names of the dead. Mostly soldiers, reflecting the reality.

We collected names and signatures on a petition to go to Hull’s 3 MPs. This calls for MPs to work towards sanctions on Israel, an arms embargo from Britain, and to bringing Israel to the International Criminal Court for its actions in Gaza.

Hull Palestine Solidarity

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