Friday, 29 August 2014

Boycotts of Israel is an important issue

response to Diana Johnson MP by Martin Deane, Hull and East Riding Green Party.

“I’m very grateful to Diana Johnson for giving some publicity to this important issue – although unfortunately she wasn’t listening closely enough.

“In fact, I didn’t bring up Siemens at all, on David Burns’ show on Radio Humberside today.

“A caller asked would we boycott Siemens due to Siemens working in Israel.

Siemens is an important player in the recent Hull political landscape as 700 jobs (often called 10,000 in the media) will be coming to the city with the building of its wind turbine factory.

“I can assure people I have not called for a boycott of Siemens over the issue of Israel and its illegal treatment of Palestinians over decades.

“We are, however, aware – as is the whole Green Party - of the Palestinian call for a boycott of all companies trading with Israel, as well as an academic boycott, and other types of boycotts such as persuading entertainers not to perform in Israel.

“All these are designed with trying to get Israel to think twice about its behaviour towards Palestinians – behaviour which is condemned by dozens of UN resolutions – and to work for peace.”

As a Labour Friend of Palestine and the Middle East, Diana Johnson will be aware of  this too.

She accuses us of wanting a boycott on Siemens, of being hostile to Siemens, and not wanting a green energy future for the area.  "You couldn't make it up!" she says. Oops!" She just did.

The programme should be available on listen Again -
Martin Deane, Hull and East Green Party

Release immediate: 29 August 2014

Hull MP slams Green call to boycott Siemens

Hull North MP Diana Johnson has criticised a demand from Hull’s leading Green Party activist for a boycott of 

Siemens over their business links with Israel.

The call by Hull Green Party spokesman Martin Deane came this morning (Friday, 29 August) on the David Burns 

Show on BBC Radio Humberside.

Diana Johnson MP said: “After the four years we spent working to attract the Siemens green energy jobs to Hull, 

I’m flabbergasted that the Hull Green Party appear to want a boycott of Siemens.

“It’s bad enough for us in Hull having UKIP opposing the offshore wind turbine industry - preferring the 

Siemens jobs to go abroad instead - without the Greens also joining the hostility to Siemens.

“As much as we want to see peace in the Middle East based on a two-state solution, Siemens is the biggest green 

energy project in the Humber’s history. Thousands of much-needed skilled local jobs are at stake. I thought 

that the Greens wanted to make the Hull and Humber area a centre for green energy. You couldn’t make it up!”


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  1. Nicely swatted away Martin.
    Diana is well versed in the dirty media art of spinning mud I see.
    Is she running scared of a potential rival candidate already I wonder?