Sunday, 10 August 2014

Hull for Gaza, London, Aug 9th. #GazA9

The protest began at the Portland Place... BBC! Shame on you!
protesting at the horrendously skewed presentation of our national broadcaster. Pretending there's equivalence between our top world war machine and the resistance of the oppressed.

Our banner in all its glory. Thanks to Aneesa and Richard. Great crowd! 

The Gooners for Gaza banner! My brother told me of this.

Some of the Hull crew, hoping Peace and Palestine one day go together forever.

These orthodox Jews (Hasidic or Haredi) made a big splash - and a lot of friends - by turning up with the Palestine flag. The involvement of Jews worldwide in the Palestine cause is very important. Jews don't have to be Zionist. They certainly don't have to be so Zionist that they want all Palestinian land either!
[Their distinctive shtreimel hat is an eastern European thing.
There is a move to have fake fur ones instead, these days...]

 Campaigner Bruce Kent, veteran patron of CND. Israel has nuclear weapons. 
But the weapons used in Gaza are bad enough. Look up flechette, and DIME.

George Galloway MP, spotted going incognito, a new dad and outrageous Israel boycotter!

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader spoke, and is pictured here at the GP stall in Hyde Park.

A Palestine Solidarity Campaign (fb) photo from the front of the stage. 

Baroness Jenny Tonge, who once lost a Lib Dem job by speaking out for Palestinians, is still doing it! 
 I like her little notes stylee.

The stalwart anti-war pro-peace Jeremy Corbyn MP, one of Labour's best in modern times.

Just to annoy my bro - here's Spurs against Apartheid.
We need Hull City's Tigers Against Apartheid now!

Tariq Ali (above 'Siege') veteran author and campaigner against imperialism. 
He's spoken at Hull Truck  (and signed my copy of his book. :p)

Aerial shot of crowd turning into Grosvenor Square: 
USA! Shame on you! 

Jews for Justice for Palestinians is an organisation that has been campaigning for years just for that.

The city's peace banner in Hyde Park. Well done!

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  1. Thank you Martin Deane, really great to see these pictures - gives a good idea of how diverse the crowd is and the support from many corners against the horror war on Gaza and for a free Palestine! I was not able to come but I can see Hull was well represented!