Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Ballad of Crawberry Tower: Eviction

NB: the camp remains - it was the tower alone which was evicted (ie, pulled down).

Legal Observer of the Community Protectors surveys the devastation wrought by HCEOs, the High Court Enforcement Officers (bailiffs). 

Bailiffs keeping a close eye. About 20 police turned up and about 20 bailiffs and workers. Hate to think what that cost - per minute! 

 Protectors gather to protest the eviction. A good emergency turnout from the area.
Bailiffs were successfully reminded their authority extended to the white Rathlin line across the entranceway. 

Ian Crane and Jon Mager playing to their strengths.

Police inspector getting more attention than usual! There is always scope for negotiation... It's a peaceful protest and police have a duty to ENABLE protest ...  
(Looks a bit like Karl Turner MP, don't you think?)

Happy campers, despite the day. It's People Power!

Inspector having to justify his threats...

The police have a difficult job ... fabricating charges for peaceful protesters...

"No, they're not illegal arrests! Just because 99% of them completely fall apart in court, don't mean you don't need arresting now, does it?" - Or something like that, my memory is sketchy. :p

5 arrests as police swooped without a warning (that could be heard...)

Handcuffs for everyone, including 4 officers carrying someone away in a stress position!

Richard led away in chains.

 Protector led away in handcuffs, she was held till Monday morning.
At least she wasn't given bail condition (eg banning from the area) so is back camping.
The protest goes on. Even inside Hull's Clough Road Police Station!

What should you call it when the police do the government's bidding - rather than the law's?

Richard finally released after 5.5 hours in detention. Bail conditions ban him from the site.
I think the 4 others were released later that evening and one on Monday morning.


  1. Our brave peaceful Heroes. Respect to them

  2. Admirable, but "heroes"? That's pushing it a bit, I think.