Thursday, 26 February 2015

Green target constituencies.

What's missing is not the ideas - nor the costings!

What's missing is the political will - among the other parties. 

And that's where the Greens come in - but only with your help.

And especially in our target areas. 

They are these - IF you live in one of these 12 constituencies vote Green and support their local campaign. This goes for friends, relatives, mild acquaintances, pets who can leaflet, etc:

1.Top of the target list:
Norwich South - currently Lib Dem.
2. Bristol West - Lib Dem Stephen Williams under pressure from Student vote.
3. St Ives, Cornwall - Tory and Lib Dem enclave: incredibly low wages and seasonal casual employment. In county elections, Greens AVERAGE a healthy 18% of the vote.

4-12 Others: Sheffield Central - big local party, candidate:time-served councillor and former GP; 4 serving councillors, score 31% across seat. Liverpool Riverside, Oxford East, Solihull (Lib Dem), Reading East (Tory), York Central (another big LP, 2 sitting councillors). Holborn and St Pancras (Labour) – Where Natalie Bennett herself is standing as the candidate. Cambridge (LD).

This has never happened before!

Martin Deane, centre, Green Party candidate for Hull North, pictured with members of Hull University Green Party.

This has never happened before!

It was a real pleasure to make the Hull University Green Party social earlier this week.

One effect of the Green Surge - Greens have grown by 40000 members in the last year - is that Hull University - for the first time - has a functioning Green Party society.

Green politics hasn't gone entirely unrepresented. For many years now there has been HUGS, Hull Uni Green Society which has covered a number of issues, especially the environmental.

But an actual Green Party is a great coming of age for the local party in Hull and East Riding.

We talked about any number of topics, from electoral politics in Hull for May 7th this year, to Fukushima and its 4 years of poisoning the Pacific.

Members are keen to get involved in campaigns, and there may even be a student candidate on Hull slate. 

Watch this space! We look forward to meeting again. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

We've got to act on these issues.

A few years ago, we'd never heard of fracking. Now they're even trying to get oil from under Yorkshire. And Yorkshire, frankly, isn't Texas!

You name it, humanity is driving a steamroller through it: rainforests, topsoil,  fisheries, fresh water, species diversity, the integrity of DNA after GMOs, the depletion of resources.

We've got to act on these issues.

We need leaders who know the score on resource decline and the effects of degradation. We need people to take on Parliament and the banks and giant corporations. And then what do they do?? Give a trillion pounds to the banks and make us pay for it in jobs, services, and cost of living!

We really do need serious investment in equality, and in a greener and more sustainable future. For all our futures.

Martin Deane first joined the Green Party in 2005 to stand for Parliament and has stood in every election since, national and local. Martin Deane first came to Hull in 1988 for university. He has a degree in Theology and a MSc in Psychology. Martin went into teaching and now teaches part-time regularly working in schools across the area.

Martin Deane has been active in Hull's Stop the War coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Hull Against the Cuts, Transition Hull and Hull People's Assembly, and this year, Hull Against Fluoridation. Martin Deane is Chair of Hull and East Riding Green Party. He plays bass guitar and has visited both India and China.

2015 will be Martin’s 10th election. Last year in Avenue Ward, Hull, Greens won 22%, putting it in play this year.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Green Surge meeting Saturday

Hull and East Riding Green Party members joined over 200 from parties across the region in the Arts @ Trinity building in Leeds city centre on Saturday. The meeting took place after the last few months' dramatic growth of the Green Party nicknamed the Green Surge. The surge has taken the party from 13,000 last year to an impressive 52,500 members last weekend (53,000 now!)

Also present were about 20 of the General Election candidates. The Green Party is standing a record 37 candidates so far (PPCs, Prospective Parliamentary Candidates) for the 54 seats in the region – and expects more to announce shortly.

Cllr Andrew Cooper again, the lead euro candidate in 2014, is now Regional Campaigns Coordinator. He introduced the campaign for Sheffield Central.  Cllr Dr Jillian Creasy was warmly welcomed. She is candidate for Sheffield Central,  the region's target,  and spoke to the meeting on the hows and whys of campaigning hard and trying to return the region's first Green Party MP.

At the start of the meeting, we asked those who had joined in the last year to stand up – and three-quarters of the room did!

Natalie Hurst (PPC, Brigg & Goole), John Allison-Walsh (Hull), Martin Deane (PPC, Hull North), Richard Howarth (PPC, Beverley & Holderness), and Mark Maloney (PPC, East Riding)

Members split into groups to get to grips with different policy areas that the Green Party has. Discussion groups covered Employment, Education, Foreign Affairs, Climate Change and more.

Later, further discussions took place on how to talk to people who come at politics in a different way or supporters of other parties. 

A great day building on people's commitment, developing understanding and skills.

Martin Deane