Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Green Surge meeting Saturday

Hull and East Riding Green Party members joined over 200 from parties across the region in the Arts @ Trinity building in Leeds city centre on Saturday. The meeting took place after the last few months' dramatic growth of the Green Party nicknamed the Green Surge. The surge has taken the party from 13,000 last year to an impressive 52,500 members last weekend (53,000 now!)

Also present were about 20 of the General Election candidates. The Green Party is standing a record 37 candidates so far (PPCs, Prospective Parliamentary Candidates) for the 54 seats in the region – and expects more to announce shortly.

Cllr Andrew Cooper again, the lead euro candidate in 2014, is now Regional Campaigns Coordinator. He introduced the campaign for Sheffield Central.  Cllr Dr Jillian Creasy was warmly welcomed. She is candidate for Sheffield Central,  the region's target,  and spoke to the meeting on the hows and whys of campaigning hard and trying to return the region's first Green Party MP.

At the start of the meeting, we asked those who had joined in the last year to stand up – and three-quarters of the room did!

Natalie Hurst (PPC, Brigg & Goole), John Allison-Walsh (Hull), Martin Deane (PPC, Hull North), Richard Howarth (PPC, Beverley & Holderness), and Mark Maloney (PPC, East Riding)

Members split into groups to get to grips with different policy areas that the Green Party has. Discussion groups covered Employment, Education, Foreign Affairs, Climate Change and more.

Later, further discussions took place on how to talk to people who come at politics in a different way or supporters of other parties. 

A great day building on people's commitment, developing understanding and skills.

Martin Deane

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