Thursday, 26 February 2015

Green target constituencies.

What's missing is not the ideas - nor the costings!

What's missing is the political will - among the other parties. 

And that's where the Greens come in - but only with your help.

And especially in our target areas. 

They are these - IF you live in one of these 12 constituencies vote Green and support their local campaign. This goes for friends, relatives, mild acquaintances, pets who can leaflet, etc:

1.Top of the target list:
Norwich South - currently Lib Dem.
2. Bristol West - Lib Dem Stephen Williams under pressure from Student vote.
3. St Ives, Cornwall - Tory and Lib Dem enclave: incredibly low wages and seasonal casual employment. In county elections, Greens AVERAGE a healthy 18% of the vote.

4-12 Others: Sheffield Central - big local party, candidate:time-served councillor and former GP; 4 serving councillors, score 31% across seat. Liverpool Riverside, Oxford East, Solihull (Lib Dem), Reading East (Tory), York Central (another big LP, 2 sitting councillors). Holborn and St Pancras (Labour) – Where Natalie Bennett herself is standing as the candidate. Cambridge (LD).

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