Thursday, 26 February 2015

This has never happened before!

Martin Deane, centre, Green Party candidate for Hull North, pictured with members of Hull University Green Party.

This has never happened before!

It was a real pleasure to make the Hull University Green Party social earlier this week.

One effect of the Green Surge - Greens have grown by 40000 members in the last year - is that Hull University - for the first time - has a functioning Green Party society.

Green politics hasn't gone entirely unrepresented. For many years now there has been HUGS, Hull Uni Green Society which has covered a number of issues, especially the environmental.

But an actual Green Party is a great coming of age for the local party in Hull and East Riding.

We talked about any number of topics, from electoral politics in Hull for May 7th this year, to Fukushima and its 4 years of poisoning the Pacific.

Members are keen to get involved in campaigns, and there may even be a student candidate on Hull slate. 

Watch this space! We look forward to meeting again. 

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  1. Essential that an alternative viewpoint is voiced as the pre-electoral season gathers momentum.I am particularly pleased to see first time voters getting involved in politics.