Thursday, 9 April 2015

No nuclear or fracking waste dumps in the East Riding!

On the last day of Parliament a change was rushed through to bypass local planning procedures. Future decisions about the location of nuclear waste disposal facilities are to be taken by government ministers. (1)

Richard Howarth, Green Party Candidate for Beverley and Holderness, exposes the risk of nuclear and fracking waste disposal in the East Riding. 

Richard Howarth asks, 

“Will East Yorkshire be next?”

“ This is a shocking and deeply undemocratic move. In its final throes this government has sneaked through changes with no publicity or proper debate.

“People in the area will remember the attempt by NIREX to force a radioactive waste disposal facility on Killingholme, in North East Lincolnshire."

"It is essential for residents of Hull and the East Riding to ask candidates where they stand on dealing with radioactive waste, and waste from oil and gas wells, especially from fracking."

Last year in North Yorkshire, the Environment Agency granted permission for the disposal of 6 million cubic meters of low level radioactive waste by injection into wells.

In this area, Rathlin Energy UK Ltd have Radioactive Substances Activity permits for both West Newton and Crawberry Hill.

While government pushed the amendment through, the Labour Party abstained.

Martin Deane (Hull North Candidate) pointed out,

“Any East Riding nuclear or fracking disposal site is likely to use the road network through Hull.

"This vote means the port facilities could be used for importing nuclear waste from the rest of the world – especially now that the only nuclear waste facility, in New Mexico, has been closed for safety reasons."

The Green Party is long opposed to the nuclear industry because of the risk of accidents but also because safe waste disposal is prohibitively expensive.


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