Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Hull Green Party: Voting Recommendations 2016

Hull and East Riding Green Party: Voting Recommendations
Avenue Ward:   ROBINSON, John, Liberal Democrats   
Beverley Ward: Karen Mathieson, Lib Dem
Boothferry Ward:  COWARD, Maria, Liberal Democrats               
Bricknell Ward:  MCMURRAY, Shane, Labour Party                  
Derringham Ward:  PICKERING, Simon Bruce, Labour Party          
Drypool Ward:  Adam Williams, Lib Dem
Holderness Ward: Linda Tock, Lib Dem
Ings Ward:  THOMPSON, Denise, Labour Party               
Kings Park Ward: Charles Quinn, Lib Dem;  VAUGHAN, Theresa, Labour and Co-operative Party
Longhill Ward:  John Hewitt, Lab
Marfleet Ward:  BELCHER, Sharon Valerie, Labour Party     
Myton Ward:  SPOONER, Paul, TUSC
Newington Ward:  Helena Spencer, Lab
Newland Ward:  POCKNEE, Phil, Labour;   Mike Ross, Lib Dem
Orchard Park & Greenwood Ward:   Steven Bayes, Lab
Pickering Ward:   Claire Thomas, Liberal Democrats           
Southcoates East Ward:  Hester Bridges, Labour Party                 
Southcoates West Ward:  Mary Elizabeth Glew, Labour Party           
St. Andrews Ward:  Tracey Henry, Liberal Democrats   
Sutton Ward:  Ken Turner, Labour
In the absence of a Green Party electoral stand in Hull this year, the party is taking the unprecedented step of making voting recommendations to members and supporters across the city.
The party's deliberations included a number of criteria:
  • Gender balance is regarded as important by the Greens. We note Hull City Council has done well in that respect this past year with near parity, and we seek to recommend similar.
  • Political differences are paramount - not only who is in power, but how that power is used. Those closest to our positions we hope will benefit.
  • Some strong candidates are omitted as they would strengthen a given party too much in the light of what that party is pursuing
  • Similarly, portfolio holders who have been instrumental in pushing through any number of cuts, including attempting to cut trade union convenor time, have largely been omitted
  • Some candidates, mostly sitting councillors, have a good track record in key fields, eg homelessness, NHS campaigns
  • Certain candidates have approached us and we have been minded to recommend these for this election, all other things being equal
  • Some candidates have particularly strong union links or anti-austerity platforms (Greens will be helping TUSC leaflet in Myton ward)
  • Some considerations are confidential
  • Certain areas have more than one recommendation
We particularly respect those candidates likely to resist mandatory city-wide fluoridation (threatened early last year) , as once this begins it is very difficult to undo. (We note that 60 schemes in the UK over the last 20 years have been beaten back by public resistance).
Some candidates have no readily available email which makes communicating with them, and between them and the electorate, more difficult.
These recommendation are merely an indication to supporters. They remain, as always, free to make up their own minds.

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