Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Iraq report must not be a £10m whitewash

I'm on Radio Humberside at 7.20am.
I'll be talking about the Chilcot Report – you know, that little report on whether we went to war under false pretences.
This £10 million inquiry of 2.6 million words and running to 13 volumes. We hope it's not a £10 million whitewash... but instead goes some way to honour peace and justice, the million plus lives lost in Iraq, the 179 UK soldiers dead, the thousands of US troops.
Here's one starting point that Chilcot could have used...
The 36 Lies that led to war – Glen Rangwala
And then there's the infamous Downing Street Memo ...
This site lists the contents of the memo – from July 2002 – nearly a year before war – and compares it with various public statements by officials
Chilcot should at least show a case to answer that Blair knowingly over emphasised any threat that Iraq posed in order to get a war – a war he knew America was gong to pursue anyway, whatever the facts.
Martin Deane

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