Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cameron's positive legacy: gay marriage

Cameron's positive legacy: gay marriage

There is almost nothing I can think of that I approved of among Cameron's policies, writes Martin Deane

"In almost every arena, education, health, welfare, economy, defence, foreign relations, he has failed by most people's reckoning.

"Apart from allowing gay marriage, Cameron has left the majority of the country more insecure, poorer, slashing survivability for those on welfare, more medically insecure, a higher national debt, lost the nation's top credit rating and promoted crises of staff among major like teachers, nurses and doctors. In addition, he made a deadly gamble to tackle the Ukip attack on the Conservatives by holding a simplistic binary referendum – which he lost.

"Some might praise his win of the Scottish referendum. But even making the Queen purr won't deter a new referendum post-Brexit.

"His is a toxic legacy. Good riddance."

David Cameron leaves a Britain with -
Water charges up 20%
Loses UK AAA economic rating (first time since 1978)

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