Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Greens reject war with Russia

The recent announcement by Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon that Nato 'is waking up to the challenge of Kremlin aggression' and could confront Vladimir Putin's forces in a showdown, is both dissembling and either theatre or a worrying escalation in a new cold war.
there are a number of moves which could mean we are being set up for war with Russia like we were set up for war with Iraq.
Fallon is pretending when he says Nato is waking up to Russian aggression. Nato has been busily encroaching on eastern Europe for years and areas in the former Russian sphere of influence. What we see now is Russia beginning to stand up to Nato's aggressive stance.
This comes in a long list of anti-Russian positions and propaganda which may lead to something other than a cold war. If you look at the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60s, you know putting missiles near a nation's border is asking for trouble. And Nato has been doing precisely that with so-called Missile Defence for a number of years now.
Add to that the US' success in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya – as they regard them – as well as its unparalleled military spending and you have a recipe for a new major war.
Fallon noted that Britain would be able to fight a war against Russia within two years.
Fallon may talk tough on a British war with Russia, but everyone knows we rely on America power – even for Trident. But the message is clear – our warmongers are getting ready  for war with Russia.
"We need to be prepared for a constant media presentation (as if it wasn't constant enough) of Russia as the bad guy, the threat, the clear and present danger, about which something must be done.
And we need to reject this now.