Saturday, 27 May 2017

Are we such a warrior country that we hate peacemakers?

Martin Deane, Green Party candidate for Hull North, and Secretary for Hull Stop the War for a decade, which campaigned strongly against the Iraq war and subsequent wars, writes -
On Friday, Jeremy Corbyn gave an exceptional speech on how to approach the complex issue of keeping us safe in an increasingly dangerous world.
He never once resorted to cliche, to soundbite or to name-calling; nor did he once play party politics or even MENTION Mrs May or the Tories.
He spelled out what would be the starting point for any attempt to find peace in Syria, namely the gathering of representatives of all non-ISIS forces in Geneva to work towards an agreement on how they can defeat them once and for all. As anyone who studies the situation on the ground will tell you, the war is EXTREMELY complex and your enemy's enemy is not necessarily your friend, so this seems to me to be the wisest and most mature way forward from the current impasse.
Cue media and politicians lambasting him as "unfit for leadership".
Now if using diplomacy to work out the most mature and effective solution to a complex international problem makes you unfit to lead then surely it is the opposite that makes you a good leader? - Refusing to talk, more bombing, more refugees, more terrorists and more slaughter for us all.
Britain needs to decide if it wants to choose the way of war or the way of peace. We know the way of war well. We've helped destroy a number of countries, killing millions of men, women and children in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Libya, and in Syria, just to name some.
That US-UK coalition has produced chaos in those countries – as many commentators especially the UK peace movement and its million people on the streets, warned.
The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistake and expecting a different outcome. Are we really so addicted to war that that has to be the only response to given intractable violent situations?
Are we really necessarily a warrior country and nothing more?
I hope we choose the peacemakers.

Martin Deane
Parliamentary candidate for Hull North, Green Party
@martinjdeane | fb/martindeane
07935 036211