Thursday, 23 November 2017

The Blue Planet Plastics Problem

David Attenborough and his excellent team covered the problem of plastics in the oceans recently. They found plastics everywhere. Now to add to the visible problem, is a invisible one - at least at sea. 

Microbeads – Oh come on!! Now we have to have microplastics, smaller than water filters take out, to make our skin look better – no matter what happens to water down the line! 

If you have any of these products - do us all a favor and just bin them.

 How come cosmetic scientists could not foresee this problem? They’re clever people! How many victims of narrow profit-driven research must there be? Us, them, marine life, the Earth?

There’s a very easy way to stop global pollution – stop participating in it! It’s causing ecocide!

Ireland beat us to the plastic bag charge in 2014 and usage dropped over 70%. The UK adopted it in 2015 and we’ve seen usage drop 85% - very impressive. And let’s remember that this is a response to the long-life of plastic bags and their effects on wildlife – a small yet important commitment by us all in Britain.

And then we get microbeads!! We don’t need microbeads in our body wash! We’ve coped for millennia without! What we need are ever cleaner products - in the Earth sense. The USA banned these in 2016 – so why do we still have them?!?

When it comes to global ocean plastic, it’s a global issue which needs a global solution. We need international efforts to clean up the plastic gyres in the Pacific.

I remember technology to turn plastics back into to oil from years ago. So which is more expensive? A concerted effort to clean up the damage we've done, or a dead planet?

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